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Tatym & Great Grandma Betty

Grandma Betty with my daughter, Tatym, on her confirmation day.

We recently moved my grandma into a nursing home, and I brought home a box of old photos from cleaning out her house. My kids have been enjoying looking at the “antique” photographs, especially ones that my grandfather took during World War II. My daughter, Macy, even posted this photo to her Facebook page:

Pierce Nebraska Photo from 1970's

Pierce Main Street back in the day. It’s amazing what you find when your cleaning out your 88-year-old great grandma’s house.

The photographs have sparked the kids’ curiosity about our ancestry, so I have been playing around on where I have been able to build our own family trees that go back for centuries! If you’ve ever watched Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC, the celebrities use which is the world’s largest online resource for family history documents, including census and military records. And right now, you can get a 14-Day Free Trial to so you too can explore your own family tree risk free!

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I haven’t discovered (yet anyway) that I’m related to anyone famous, but my friend Tricia discovered that she’s a descendant of two famous pirate women! Please comment if you joined and found anything interesting to share!

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  1. I’m an addict now! I can literally spend an entire weekend on there. I’ve found newspaper clippings with pictures of my family that I have never seen. I’ve found out all kinds of interest facts about my ancestors. I found one of them who fought in the Revolutionary War. Some of the stories are just heart breaking–like finding a family member whose parents died as soon as they came over from Europe and he was then raised by friends. I know when I sit down to log in, I will be there for hours!

  2. Although I don’t use Ancestry as much anymore, I have found some out some pretty good stuff. Like Tricia, we discovered that my wife had a family member who fought in the Revolutionary War. What’s more amazing is that we found some documents where he was trying to get his pension and couldn’t prove that he served because his house was destroyed by fire. But in these documents he stated that he remembers seeing George Washington out on the battlefield. Now how cool is that?

  3. will have the 1940 Census indexed by mid-summer and then users will be able to find even more information about their family!

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