Yummy Mummy Halloween Cake Pops

Halloween Cake Pops

My sister-in-law Amanda is not only a great cook, but is also very creative! Not only did she carve a killer Elsa jack-o-lantern, but made these super scary, super yummy Halloween cake pops that look like mummies! You can use any cake pop recipe for these. Then coat them in white almond bark. Add candy […]

Kim’s $6 Target Trip: 10/31/14

Kim's $6 Target Trip

Happy Halloween! There are no tricks in today’s Target trip, only treats!  Treat yourself to get all of the above deals for only $6! I will tell you how below… Cascade Platinum Dishwasher ActionPacs $3.99 – 55¢ off printable coupon – Cascade Platinum $5 Mail-In Rebate = FREE + Profit Diet Coke 20 oz $1.69 […]

Kim Loves PajamaMania Owl Footed Pajamas

Fleece Owl Footie Pajamas

My daughter has been wanting a pair of full body footie pajamas *forever*, but they seem to be non-existent in stores. The closest we found was a pair (that I borrowed) without the footies. Last week I attended a conference with several online merchants in attendance. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Pajama Mania and received […]

Halloween Deals and Freebies 2014

Elsa Jack-O-Lantern - Halloween Deals and Freebies

Why, yes that is an Elsa Jack-O-Lantern –  craftily carved by my brother and sister-in-law who have three daughters, all in love in Elsa from Frozen. In fact, I ordered two of my nieces cheap Elsa costumes to wear for Halloween. I found the free Elsa pumpkin carving printable template here. Several other places – both online […]

Travel Beauty Tip: Living Better Every Day Even With Lost Luggage

Suave Hub for beauty tips

I just returned home from a business trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, and I’ve had terrible luck losing my luggage when visiting the East coast (Knock on wood, I’ve never lost my luggage going West). So while I pack most of my much needed beauty essentials in my checked bag with my clothes, I always […]

20 Places To Sell Used Electronics For Cash

Sell Used Electronics for Cash

Remember when I won a new iPad? I was so excited, but now, some 4+ years later, new iPad models have been released and many iOS apps no longer work on my first generation iPad. So I started looking online for a place to sell my old iPad to invest into a newer model, and boy did […]