20 Places To Sell Used Electronics For Cash

Sell Used Electronics for Cash

Remember when I won a new iPad? I was so excited, but now, some 4+ years later, new iPad models have been released and many iOS apps no longer work on my first generation iPad. So I started looking online for a place to sell my old iPad to invest into a newer model, and boy did […]

Snap by Groupon = Free Groceries

Snap by Groupon

Have you heard of the new Snap by Groupon? It’s similar to Checkout51 and iBotta, but with better offers!  You can download on your smartphone (Android or iOS) or use via your computer. And the best part is that you can submit receipts from ANYWHERE! I just signed up today and took advantage of these […]

Buy iPhone 6 Now, Pay Later

iPhone 6

It seems that everyone wants the highly coveted iPhone 6 latest model, but not everyone can just open their pocketbook to pay for one if they find one in stock. Luckily we researched and found 5 online stores that allow you to buy now and pay later and all have the iPhone 6 in stock! Best […]

Kim’s $6 Target Trip: 10/7/14

Kim's $6 Target Trip

I’ve actually made it to Target two weeks in a row – yay! Today I saved $69.49. And here’s what I got and how you can get the same Target deals… Pledge Floor Care $3.50 sale (buy 2) – (2) $2 off printable coupon – $2.50/2 Target coupon = $1 Checkout 51 Deposit = FREE plus profit […]

Kim’s $6 Target Trip: 10/3/14

Kim's $6 Target Trip

When I checked out at Target, the cashier said, “Wow, you saved $51.17″ and the lady behind me in line was impressed. Those are the types of Target trips I like best! I went a tad over my $6 budget, but got some great deals. And here’s how you can get the same Target deals I got… […]

How I Saved over 50% on Car & Home Owners Insurance

esurance - save on car insurance

When I wrote the title of this post, I realized it sounds like a Geiko commercial. Trust me, it’s not. It’s actually an admittance of how I cheated on my mother. See, my mom has worked for an insurance agency for as long as I can remember, and she is good about rechecking every single […]