Kim’s New Car: 2014 Nissan Rogue

2014 Nissan Rogue

When my youngest daughter turned 16 last month, I thought we’d be able to share a car for awhile, especially since I work from home and don’t like to drive anyway. And with three other kid drivers, I wanted to hold off paying even higher car insurance premiums. Well, with her wanting to drive to […]

Kim’s $6 Target Trip 8/21/14

Kim's $6 Target Trip

I had a HUGE long list of great deals to get at Target today, only to have most of the deals I wanted either sold out (you guys all beat me there!) or not carried at my non-Super Target store. Boo hoo. But I did manage to still get a few good deals, just not […]

New Best Price on PureVision Contact Lenses

Contact Lens King Purevision Bausch and Lomb

I have been ordering my daughter, Mallory’s contact lenses from Contacts America since 2009 as they’d had the best price on Pure Vision contact lenses every year since then. Well, today after we saw our eye doctor, I again researched the best prices on PureVision Regular and Toric lens (she inherited my astigmatism), and this […]

Toni&Guy Haircare: My hair is now my best accessory

Kim's Crazy Hair

My mom has always had short thin hair and always told me how she wished she had my long thick hair. Guess I got those genes from my father! I have had long hair most of my life, only cutting it into a short bob after the twins were born so I wouldn’t have hair […]

Bill Me Later is now PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit

Bill Me Later’s name has changed, but everyone’s existing account information and credit line still remains intact. You can still service your account at, through your PayPal account or at their new improved site: You can continue to enjoy flexible payment options for purchases $99 and up plus take advantage of speedy checkout […]

Dove Men+Care Deodorant $1 off Coupon

Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake antiperspirant deodorant coupon

My poor son, Taylor, had to grow up with four women in the house, me and his three younger sisters. So we have a lot, and I mean A LOT of “girlie” products around the house. But I’ve always tried to buy “manly” products just for him.  Now that he’s off to college, I still […]