E-Currency – How To Stay Safe Online Shopping


As the ease, value and popularity of online shopping increases, more and more of us are taking to the digital platform to get the best deals. Online transactions can be completed via a range of devices such as smart phones, tablets, notebooks and even games consoles connected to the internet. However with such ease comes a higher security risk.

As shopping online maybe foremost in the minds of many this holiday season, it is vital we take sufficient precautions to ensure a happy, worry free shopping experience.

Although it has never been safer to shop online, highly skilled cyber criminals, who are out to steal personal details, still exist. The security risks arise when customers hand over credit and debit card details online to complete a purchase with a retail merchant.

To limit such risks be sure that the website you are purchasing items from is legitimate and that it also offers a safe online platform. Alternatively to eradicate the chances of your personal details being stolen all together many are considering the use of electronic currencies. This alternative method is easy, safe and private as it allows for the purchase of goods without the need for bank and credit card details.

Due to the fact many people still don’t shop online due to trust issues, thousands of major retailers now offer e-currency as an accepted form of online payment, giving shoppers complete peace of mind. There are few e-currencies more universally accepted than Ukash mainly because of its simplicity. Literally all need to have to use your money online is an Ukash Voucher, which in turn will allow you to spend money on anything from Christmas presents for your loved ones to playing your favourite online games(yes you can even play online with Ukash).

Hopefully with this in mind, many of you will feel more confident shopping for gifts online this holiday. Now all that’s left to worry about is what to buy your other half! Remember to stay safe, secure and sensible when shopping this holiday season and you won’t have any problems. Good Luck!

About the author: Chris Algar writes for Ukash who specialise in secure online transactions.

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