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Many of you have asked me how I organize all of my coupons. I have been using the Deluxe Coupon File that I ordered from Refund Cents many years ago. It fits in most shopping cart baby seats (not Walgreens though!) and is now available for purchase here for $19.90 with Free Shipping. Be sure to add an address label on the inside in case you ever accidentally leave it in a shopping cart!

But now I have been considering ordering a coupon binder of sorts that you see the Extreme Couponers use…

I’ve been eyeing this Coupon Clutch available from (where else but) CouponClutch.com for $29.95. It looks like a designer tote (and is available in array of patterns and prints), but it opens up to opens up to reveal a 3-ring binder for coupon pages. Santa, I want one! Maybe then the Wal-mart greeter will stop asking me if I have a return every time I bring in my coupon box!

What do you use and recommend to organize your coupons?

zippered-mega-extreme-couponing-super-organizer-binder-book Zippered MEGA Extreme Couponing Super Organizer Binder/Book
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