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What does your standard company want from their fleet cars? Is it comfort? Speed? Economy?

In all honesty, a good mixture of all those (and perhaps even more) is probably the answer to that question, but it could be argued that a focus on how much fuel is being used up is probably the highest priority.

But what cars offer the best on fuel return?

Well there’s a fair few to choose from these days thanks to the technology in that region developing by the day and it is easy to grab yourself a motor with well over 60 miles to the gallon without going down the expensive hybrid/electric route.

Cars such as the Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion can give you around 65 mpg on the combined cycle from a 1.6 diesel powered engine, with the larger 2.0 plant offering a little less at 61.4 mpg.

The latest model also offers quite a sharp looking exterior and – if it’s specced right – a very attractive cabin making for a very comfortable driving environment.

Cost wise, the Passat is one of the cheapest on the market compared to the likes of its German compatriots and if value is a priority, then the Opel Insignia is another you should be looking at and offers similar fuel stats.

If expense is not a particular concern, then the BMW and Mercedes equivalents can attain to your more luxurious tastes whilst still offering a frugal machine in return and cars such as the new 3 Series or C-Class are at the top of the class when it comes to fleet saloon cars.

BMW’s EffcientDynamics and Merc’s Blueeffciency models can give you highly competitive rates of fuel use that are easy on the company fuel card. Speaking of how you pay for your fuel, BP fuel cards and ones from Shell are amongst the best out there and are a must for every employee with a fleet car.

Of course there are other options such as the much improved Ford Fusion that has become a great car in recent years, with manufacturers such as Hyundai and Infiniti coming into the frame also to make the choice even harder.

Sam Bisby writes for Chooseafuelcard.com who offer various fuel cards from a range of companies for the long distance drivers in your company.

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