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12 Trending Bathroom Doors

12 Trending Bathroom Doors

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When renovating your home, the bathroom doors are often overlooked. Bathroom doors play a vital role in adding elegance to the interior décor and the ambiance. Focus on the door functionality first. The design and style should be the secondary options. Doors feature the two most important categories – function and size. Combining these can make the doors give a pleasing look to the bathroom.

Your Bathroom floor space also matters in bathroom door selection. If you have sufficient space, then you can choose glass panels or wooden doors along with other options. For less spacious bathrooms, go for partitions in the form of curtains or transparent panels. Thus, you need to consider the floor space while choosing bathroom door styles.

Here are some of the top trending Bathroom door styles to consider for 2019.

Glass Panel Doors

These doors have a glass piece instead of a panel. This feature adds a window to the door. These doors can feature multiple glass panels in a fashion.

Space-saving Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors is back in the league. They have characteristics that are ideal for bathrooms. When opened they slide into the wall saving the space of both the bathrooms and other rooms. This makes space for other functional features in the bathroom.

Simple Panel Doors

These are the most popular type of cheap interior doors. They are easily recognizable due to their rectangular and square patterns.

They are simple, versatile and the most popular ones. Such features make these doors look natural in any settings.

Charming Barn Doors

The Barn doors can be an alternative to the Pocket doors. They can make any space look cozy and welcoming. They are available in an array of patterns.

They can easily match any décor. To partition the en-suite bathroom and bedroom, charming barn doors can be a good option.

Stained Glass Doors

French doors are the most popular from the glass door collection. The stained glass panels offer a unique look to the door’s design.

These doors can have several panels arranged in a particular fashion.

Classy French Doors

The Classy French doors usually hang on the hinges on each side of the door. The doors swing towards each other while meeting at the center.

They are adaptive to different styles and settings. They can make the bathroom space stand out if they become a focal point for that space.

Doors as Mirror Frames

Bathroom doors with mirrors installed on it create a unique look. However, both mounting a mirror and integrating a full-sized mirror are different.

The door as mirror frames swings to allow access into and out of the room.

Frosted Glass Doors

The Frosted Glass Doors offer more privacy in comparison to other glass doors. These doors feature a glass core and a wooden frame.

Transparent Glass Partitions

Partitions are necessary for privacy purposes and to keep the moisture intact.

For this partitions can be a viable solution. But using solid partitions such as doors or walls are not feasible. Instead, you can use the transparent glass partitions.

Built-In Mirror Panels Doors

For Bathrooms, both doors and mirror panels are in a trend. What if you get a combined version of both?

Doors with the built-in mirror panels can be a viable option to save space or adjust according to the layout.

Sliding Panel Doors

These doors are perfect for spacious bathrooms. These doors do not swing, they slide instead. The sliding doors are a suitable choice for limited floor space.

While these doors require a larger opening hence, they are less popular for Bathrooms.

Painted Doors

Sometimes style, patterns, and size matter less than the colors. To make the bathroom doors look outstanding, paint them with bright colors.

Paint them with eye-pleasing primary colors such as red, green, black or yellow. Or paint the doors to match your interior décor.

Other Bathroom Door Options

Some contemporary bathrooms like master bathrooms feature a partition between the two areas. To separate the bathtub, and shower from the toilet, bathrooms feature a partition. These partitions can be wooden or the transparent ones.

For this space, the easiest way is to feature a curtain. But for privacy purpose, try installing a frosted glass panel door. This can give your bathroom a modern and sleek look along with maintaining privacy.

For a fresh and unique bathroom look, here are some additional bathroom door options.

  • Stained Glass Panels and
  • Concealed Bathroom Doors

Ideal Materials for Bathroom Doors

Wooden doors offer a classic style to the doors. They add elegance to the interior décor of the house. Despite their elegant features, they tend to rot considering the temperature fluctuations. Even the bathroom’s dampness can kill the charm of the wooden doors.

The metal or steel bathroom doors can create a modernized effect. With steel or metal durability, there is less exposure to the moisture. However, considering the long-term planning, these doors can rust due to humidity. Metals rust due to prolonged humidity. Thus, if you want to choose durable bathroom doors, this cannot be a viable option.

Today, the contemporary bathrooms use fiberglass instead of wooden or metal doors. The fiberglass is durable and effective than the other door materials. They also offer more flexibility, design and style options. The well-finished fiberglass doors can recreate the classic woods like the walnut doors. They even offer a smooth surface allowing to paint or repaint the door easily.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.