248 words from Kim

Even though I’m a fan of Joel Comm, I was a bit disappointed that I fell for his spiel and bought a word on his 500words.com site. Looking at my stats of the site I bought the word for, I’ve only had 5 referrals from his site since buying last month! And I can’t say my traffic has increased for link popularity either. Not a very good ROI. I bet I give him more hits to his site from this post for FREE!

I beg to differ (I’ll even argue if I have to) with his concept that “Why waste money on an image pixel ad that provides no search engine benefit to your web site?”. Because this very site (HouseForKim.com, in case you forgot) is already indexed in Google, and according to my stats, the majority of my Google visitors are using the keywords in the title tags of the images on the homepage. I personally just searched some random title tags of the advertisers, and 5 of the 6 were on page one of Google for this site! Hmmmm. Maybe Joel changed his mind because his statement is no longer on his website, just cached.

Gotta give it to Joel for being a smart guy, though. He went on to re-sell his 500 word idea by selling his Link Sizzler software. Chris Pirillo’s Rent My Chest word site is cool and should have made my free shameless plug section. I bet he’d get more visitors if he was female!

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