3 Ways Mobile Tech Advancements Have Transformed Work & Home Life

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Technology has advanced so rapidly in recent years that we have begun to take it for granted, especially when it comes to mobile. We now live in such a digital and interconnected age that it's hard to remember how much less convenient everything was even a decade ago.

Though not every aspect has been perfect, the fact is that both work and home life have become much easier and liberated since mobile devices took over. The following represent just a few of the ways that things have advanced.

Always Connected

The wonders of mobile phones and tablets have made everyone more efficient both at work and at home. It is not seamless for most people to work at home, for example, and it is a snap even to do some light work like emailing through Microsoft Outlook and various admin tasks while sitting on a beach chair if necessary. While being tethered to a phone all the time certainly has some drawbacks, reliable connectivity takes some of the stress out of vacation time, knowing that there is a way to intervene if something truly important requires your attention. 

Powerful Mobile Processors

Noticeable advancement can be attributed to the mobile processors on the market today. Manufacturers like Qualcomm continue to push the envelope on speed and power, allowing even small, lightweight devices to outperform the bulky computers of years past. Now it is just assumed that modern phones will include the best mobile processors, capable of securely running several large applications at once, allowing users to jump between spreadsheets, work email accounts, video conferencing apps, chat functions — all without any lag time or disruption.

Content Creation

While amateurs still can't match the breathtaking imagery of the world's top photographers or blockbuster Hollywood films, everyone is now able to capture moments from their life in stunning quality. Through major advances in lens and processing, cameras have gone from blurry images meant for limited viewing to high-resolution graphics and video that can easily be mounted on a wall or shown on a large home theater screen. This ability to document our own lives has transformed how we interact, with visuals replacing text as the most shareable and intimate way to chronicle experiences. And mobile editing software, even free apps like InstasizeSnapseed and VSCO in the App Store or Google Play, allow us to make these photos even better with minimal effort.

Advances to Come

Amazingly, we are just getting started in this digital revolution. The mobile devices of the next decade, powered by further advances in mobile processors, operating software and other hardware innovations, will eventually make today's tech look dated.

The world is quickly moving to embrace unprecedented levels of automation, artificial intelligence based applications, home assistants, virtual reality and augmented reality. While this is all on the cutting edge in 2018, it will be as commonplace as having an online banking app on your smartphone is today.

And it is all built on the technology advances we have already seen. The foundation has been built by our ability to be always connected and staggering mobile processor speeds. Everything is moving forward at a breakneck pace and we have the innovators to thank.

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