3 Weight Loss Myths You Really Shouldn’t Believe

weight loss

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There are far too many weight loss myths out there on the internet. Everyone and their dog fancies themselves as a nutritional advisor or fitness expert. Even some news websites contribute to the mountain of myths!

weight loss
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Falling for these myths can be bad as some will lead you down a path to an unhealthy lifestyle – which, ironically, is the exact opposite of what you’re aiming for. So, let’s bust open a few of the biggest myths to be sure you never fall for them ever again:

1. You can train your body to lose far from certain areas

Nope, completely false. 

How many times have you seen workouts or articles titled with things like ‘lose belly fat now’ or ‘reduce your arm fat with this workout’? They’re so common as lots of people want to lose fat from specific areas. If you have a particularly flabby stomach, you want to lose fat from that area. The main idea surrounding this myth is that training certain bodyparts helps you lose fat. Realistically, you can’t decide where your body will lose its fat from. Instead, you’re better off doing cardio, losing weight, and then toning up your problem areas. 

The only time it is ever possible to get rid of fat from a specific area is through liposuction. If you’ve ever watched liposuction surgery videos, you’ll know that you literally suck the fat from a targeted area. But, when it comes to exercise and naturally losing weight, you cannot choose where the fat is lost. 

2. Carbs will make you fat

Again, so untrue it defies belief!

One of the biggest weight loss myths of all time is that carbs make you fat. True, there are more calories in a gram of carbs than a gram of protein or fibre. However, they don’t make you fat – your eating habits are what make you fat. You could eat 2,000 calories of carbs in a day and nothing else, but you’d still lose weight if you burn more than 2,000 calories. That’s basically what determines weight loss; calories in vs calories out. It’s called the energy balance equation, and it’s the only thing to worry about when losing weight. 

Don’t avoid carbs as they provide you with energy and can help you control your blood sugar levels. Just ensure that you’re burning more calories than you eat!

3. Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight faster

Nope! Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight, but it all depends on your eating habits and what you do throughout the day. In theory, skipping breakfast and lunch means you miss out on over 1000 calories. However, if you consume 2500 calories for dinner and as a snack, you will put on weight unless you burn more than that. 

Additionally, if you skip meals to reduce your calorie intake, you’ll end up wildly unhealthy. Sure, you will probably lose weight, but you will also have no energy and suffer from a lack of key nutrients. Don’t skip meals to lose weight, focus on having balanced meals that fit your calorie requirements. 

The next time you see these myths online, you’ll know not to believe them. Losing weight is much easier than you might expect, it just takes some dedication and an understanding of calories. 

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