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I kept randomly telling the last guy I dated different things I had on my bucket list, and he’d always reply, “I really need to see this list”. Well, even if he never sees this list now, I figured writing it out may help me attain my bucket list goals by manifesting my dreams. So here goes, in no particular order (and I’m sure I’ll keep adding to the list, last updated 9/9/16)…

  1. Eat Pizza in Italy
  2. Own Berkshire Hathaway Stock
  3. Be a Guest on The TODAY Show
  4. Visit Washington D.C.
  5. Meet the President of the United States (doesn’t have to be in D.C.)
  6. Do mission work in a third world country, preferably in Africa
  7. Take an Alaskan Cruise
  8. Write a book of fiction
  9. Write a non-fiction book
  10. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  11. Be a Guest on The Steve Harvey Show (Show aired 9/10/15!))
  12. Visit Seattle, Washington
  13. Build another new or remodel a house (does remodeling my bathroom count?)
  14. Get over my fear of dogs (I’ve come a long ways and can actually be around dogs now)
  15. Sell a website for 6 figures
  16. Get married to my soulmate / best friend
  17. Vacation at an All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico (Went January ’16!)
  18. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  19. Learn to play the piano
  20. Learn to replay the guitar
  21. Sew a complicated quilt
  22. Visit the Opera House in Australia
  23. Attend a taping of The Ellen Show (preferably during her “12 Days of Giveaways”!)
  24. Visit Asia (China or Japan)
  25. Take a European Cruise
  26. Visit Bali, Indonesia (from “Eat, Pray, Love”)
  27. Ride in a hot air balloon (Done!)
  28. Visit Germany (visit our foreign exchange student)
  29. See Running of the Bulls in Spain
  30. Attend the taping of a late night show (SNL, Conan, etc)
  31. Learn to Snow Ski
  32. Road trip across the country (with someone else driving)
  33. Attend Sturgis’ bike rally
  34. Learn to Water Ski
  35. See Niagara Falls (from either US or Canada side)
  36. Develop a profitable mobile application
  37. Visit Ireland around St. Patrick’s Day (or anytime actually)
  38. Eat meatballs at an Ikea store (Done!)
  39. Walk in a AVON 39 walk with Affiliate Marketers Give Back
  40. Visit Nashville
  41. Own a pair of authentic Christian Louboutin black pumps (Done!)
  42. Stay the night in the haunted hotel in Estes Park (I visited the Stanley hotel and had no desire to spend the night)
  43. Take a helicopter tour of the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon
  44. Attend Tulip Festival in Orange City

Hopefully I can come back to this post and cross off the things I’ve been able to accomplish! What’s on your bucket list?

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