4 Bargain Sites To Shop For Gifts

Online Bargain Sites

For the smart shopper, the days of scouring the city for great holiday gifts are over. There’s no need to go brave the horror of a department store if you can avoid it. The marvels of online shopping have effectively taken much of the stress out of buying gifts. Millions turn to online shopping every year, and for good reason: most web-based retailers boast lower prices than those in stores because there’s virtually no overhead in online shopping. But even among the lower prices online, there exist bargain sites with low prices on quality items that you can’t find anywhere else, online or otherwise. Below are four of my go-to websites for gift shopping.

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I figured I should get the most obvious site out of the way first. Amazon’s obvious pick as a bargain site should not discourage you from checking out their deals on pretty much any product you can imagine. Indeed, the appeal of shopping on Amazon lies in the site’s seemingly limitless inventory. Within minutes, you can buy a series of fantasy novels, a state-of-the-art food processor, and educational baby toys all at marked down prices. What’s more, Amazon has thousands of product lists meant to guide the lost shopper towards popular items that might make a good gift. And as one of the most trusted online stores in the world, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll receive your gift on the estimated date, nor will you have to worry about the gift’s quality. Shop Amazon.com now!


If you’re shopping for a person with a keen eye for aesthetics, check out the daily deals on design-friendly products on Fab. The deal service is membership only, so you have to sign up with your email address before you can browse the site, but that’s the only information you have to submit. The site sells new specialty products every day, usually from about ten different stores or online boutiques. The wares sold on Fab can range from vintage jewelry to whimsical graphic t-shirts, all offered at massively discounted prices. How low can the prices get? If you check out the Fab’s homepage, they claim that their featured wares can be marked as low as 70% off the original retail price. 70% might not make much of a difference when you’re buying a book online, but if you’re buying vintage furniture or ornate kitchen ware, the difference is unbelievable. For well-designed products, you can’t beat the bargains on this site. Shop Fab.com now!


Woot is the ultimate bargain site, with deals so good I’d almost hesitate to recommend it to bargain hunters for fear that they’d buy something every day. The site posts a single heavily discounted product every day, keeping it up until they sell out of it. Then, at midnight the next day, the site uploads a new (and often entirely different) item to be sold. Woot essentially acts as the arbiter between an item’s producer and the consumer, so you’d have to go to elsewhere if you want to thoroughly research an item featured on Woot before you buy it. You only have one chance to get the featured item from Woot, so if you happen across a potential gift idea, buy it while you can or ignore it at your own peril. Shop Woot.com now!


If you or someone close to you is on the hunt for the latest smartphone, tablet, laptop, or tech equipment, do yourself a favor and check out Newegg before you venture into a big retail store. Don’t let the site’s somewhat dated display dissuade you; Newegg is home to some of the best tech deals on the web. Anything from computer parts to Apple iPads, Blu-Ray players to new hardware are available on Newegg, with enviable prices and helpful customer reviews on all customer products. Unlike on some retail websites, the reviews on Newegg are typically written by people familiar with the products and offer a thorough rundown of the product’s pros and cons. The site also boasts comprehensive shopping guides meant to aid users overwhelmed by their massive selections. So if you’re shopping for tech products this holiday season opt out of the megastores and give Newegg a try. You won’t be disappointed. Shop Newegg.com now!

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