5 Bollywood-Inspired Fashion Trends for 2021

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The Bollywood red carpet has long been a source of inspiration for Western culture. Many of the fabrics, patterns, and styles that have become famous in the Western hemisphere were inspired by Eastern designers and Bollywood stars.


Whether you have an upcoming formal event or want to look fabulous for your next Zoom meeting, here are five beautiful Bollywood-inspired fashion trends for 2021. 


Single-Shoulder Dresses


Single-shoulder dresses have come and gone in Western fashion over the decades. However, it's making a big comeback for 2021. This classic look originates from the Indian saree, which traditionally leaves one shoulder exposed. 


Deepika Padukone stunned in her green single-shoulder gown at the Cannes Festival in 2017. This unforgettable look sparked the return of the single-shoulder gown, which has picked up steam in recent years. Accessorize this gorgeous look with a choker-style necklace and bangles on your unsleeved arm. 


Lehenga-Style Separates


Separates are making a big comeback, thanks to Bollywood fashion. According to Nihal Fashions, the Lehenga Choli is an outfit that adds an air of elegance and extravagance to any wardrobe. This gorgeous outfit consists of three separate pieces: a lehenga (ankle-length skirt), a blouse (often cropped), and a dupatta (shawl-like scarf).


Bollywood star Katrina Kaif slayed in this look in Spring 2020, setting the stage for summer fashion. This look is expected to continue into 2021 and make a bold return when the winter fades into spring. Look for matching sets with bright colors and floral prints. 


Eye-Catching Neon


Neon gowns and sarees made a big splash on the Bollywood red carpet in 2019. Although it's taken time for the trend to carry over from the Eastern hemisphere, neons are expected to be big for 2021. While you'll see all the bright shades over the next few years, pink and yellow are expected to dominate spring 2021.


Don't worry about turning into a 1980s theme party attendee with modern neon. While the highlighter-esque tones are the same, the styles are vastly different. Start with a blouse or skirt and tone it down with muted accessories. Alternatively, ease into the bold, monochromatic neon look with a brightly colored purse or shoes.


Balloon Sleeves


Balloon sleeves started popping up on the Bollywood red carpet in 2018, with a few Western designers getting ahead of the curve and adapting the look. Now, statement sleeves have become all the rage, from balloon sleeves to ruffles and puffs. Bollywood star Alia Bhatt stunned in her 2019 Stella McCartney balloon-sleeved summer dress, sparking an enduring design trend that will continue into 2021.


Accessorize a balloon sleeve dress with boho-inspired flats and big sunglasses. Match a balloon sleeve shirt with form-fitting jeans for a chic, stylish look that works anywhere. For formal balloon sleeves, go bold with the neck accessories, as the sleeves create a fantastic frame for a statement piece.


High Collars


After a few years of cold shoulders and boatnecks, high collars are taking over. This Victorian look has become popular thanks to style icon Priyanka Chopra, who has numerous red carpet and magazine appearances wearing high-collared gowns. Chopra's wedding dress even boasted the high collar, which is reminiscent of many Indian fashion pieces— like the Kurta Pajama.


High collars look fantastic, with many other looks on this list, especially ankle-length skirts and balloon sleeves. The overall look is a beautiful blend of Eastern fashion and Western trends for a unique, versatile style that anyone can wear.


Use these gorgeous Bollywood-inspired fashion trends to make a statement in 2021. Find the look that works for you and incorporate these pieces into your spring wardrobe. 


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