5 Free Image Editors You Can Use so You Don’t Have to Buy Photoshop

Over 300 million images make their way onto Facebook each day.

Hundreds of thousands of more images are posted to other platforms like Instagram. Images are important to our everyday lives. Over 90% of the information a person processes is visual.

This makes having stunning visuals important, whether for personal use or a business marketing effort. If your image is dull and bland, it won't garner attention on social media or help convert traffic into sales.

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Many believe you must buy Photoshop if you want to have decent software capable of editing images. That simply isn’t true any longer. In this article, we’ll explore five free image editor options for you to choose from.

1. Adobe Spark

If you're looking for an online image editor, then Adobe Spark is a free option that may appeal to you. It offers an easy-to-use interface with powerful picture editing capabilities. 

Adobe Spark can do all the basic features of an image editor, like scale, rotate, and resize photos. With it, you can apply filters and text, or adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, and more. Images with edited text in them are highly relevant. These graphic resources are quite powerful for boosting brands, creating consistent content, and spruce up social media accounts. One of the most excellent options is Wordswag for Windows. This app includes tons of intuitive and easy-to-use features.

Avoid the Adobe Photoshop price and instead, go with the free option.


This is a free, open-source alternative to having to sign up for a Photoshop subscription. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program.

It offers a wide toolset similar to what you'll find with Photoshop. Photoshop cost runs too steep for most, making GIMP a much more attractive option.

You can use GIMP as a basic paint program, for photo retouching, or converting the format of an image. It comes with multiple types of paint tools, including brush, pencil, airbrush, and clone.

You'll find a plentiful selection of transformation tools, such as rotate or scale, to help you adjust an image to the perfect size and shape. Editable text layers also enable you to layer text over an image and change its opacity.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is another free Photoshop alternative. It boasts over 600 different effects, overlays, and borders. You're able to do all the basic effects you'd expect from a photo editor, such as crop and resize.

Stop asking, “how much is Photoshop?” and use a free image editor with an easy interface instead.

4. Paint.net

This Windows-based image editor is another free alternative to Photoshop.

This program is more geared toward photo editing rather than artistic creation, so keep that in mind. It offers a wide array of special effects, such as blending and pushing pixels or tiling selections.

5. Krita

Instead of asking, “how much does Photoshop cost?”, go with this free Photoshop alternative that's great for photographers.

Krita is great for coloring your photos. If you're a conceptual artist or illustrator, Krita will have all the tools you're after.

Don’t Buy Photoshop, Use Free Image Editors

If you want to avoid having to buy Photoshop, use a free image editor instead. There are several to choose from and most are as good, if not better, than Photoshop itself.

We hope this article gave you several ideas on different free image editors you can use. If you liked what you read, take a moment to browse our website for other related content.

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