5 Gift Ideas For Teachers

Gift Ideas for teachers

Teachers tend to get the same old teacher gifts every year: apples, fruit baskets, pens, and cheesy pins. So, here are a few gift ideas for teachers to spice things up a bit and get your teacher something amazing.

A Gift Card

It’s hard to go wrong with gift cards. If you know what the teacher enjoys doing after school, you can get him or her a gift card for that thing. Let’s say your child’s teacher loves going to a particular store. You know they spend a lot of time and money there. Maybe you could buy a gift card for that store.

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A Personalized Item

You have to be careful with personalized items. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way is to buy a personal present with any mention of your child. Yes, your child’s teacher loves children, and they might even like your child, but they almost certainly do not want a mug or pens, or an alphabet poster or any teacher-themed gift with your child’s name, date of birth, or cute sayings on it.

A personalized item should be personal to them, not to you. This means perhaps engraving an item with a favorite quotation of theirs. Maybe you could get a book signed by their favorite author (if that author isn’t impossible to reach). Whatever you do, make sure you’re personalizing it in a way that the teacher will appreciate. Something they can use for years to come.

An Experience

Teachers are like anyone else – they love experiences. That’s why they teach. The best teacher gifts are things like a prepaid event. Let’s say your teacher loves skiing. Buy him or her a ski pass. Or, you could buy them something from the Mysterious Package Company.

Whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, paintballing, or a helicopter ride. All of these are unusual, but exciting experiences. Just make sure the teacher would like it. So, if they’re afraid of heights, for example, a helicopter ride is probably not a great idea.

Likewise, if your teacher doesn’t like surprises, then a mysterious package arriving in the mail is probably just going to freak them out, not excite them.

Catered Lunch

Teach is really tired of cafeteria food. They may not say it to the kids, but they’re thinking it. So, get them a catered lunch from a really nice restaurant. They will love you for it. It may not do anything for your kid’s grades, and they may not get special attention, but they will absolutely remember it.

Prepaid Services

You know what teachers don’t typically have time for? Anything outside of school. So, if you could buy them prepaid services that helps them outside of school, not only would this be appropriate, it would be helpful, too. For example, you could get your child’s teacher prepaid car washing service – possibly for several months.

You could also hire a maid to help out with the cleaning at home. Buy you teacher home-cooked meals. Even if he or she is married, they might still appreciate not having to cook when they get home.

More Gift Ideas

Check out the infographic below for the top 10 end of year gift ideas for teachers from Planete Chocolat for more gift ideas for teachers.

Top 10 end of year gift ideas for teachers

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