5 Low-Cost Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

People love gifts and giving away freebies. But these days, picking gifts seems a challenging task, especially if you want to get something that’s not expensive while moving away from the usual picture frames that people gift each other.

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Well, you’re in luck because there are loads of other inexpensive gifts you can choose from. Here are five of them:

1. Earphones.

You don’t have to buy those $100 earphones in online stores. You can buy the cheap $2 ones from China. Your only task is to assure that they’re of acceptable quality. One way to do this is to try out the products for yourself by buying them and testing them out, or by looking at the reviews on the item online.

2. Mouse.

In the digital age, almost everyone has a computer. So why not buy a mouse for work purposes. Having an extra mouse when the current one has finally “bitten the dust” is a blessing, especially for people who are always busy with their computers. Give it to people who you know use their computer a lot.

3. Popsockets.

These cool smartphone popsockets are great giveaways during parties. Give one to a kid who got his very first smartphone, for example. Or give it as a gift to that friend who just bought his annual new phone! They’ll love it. Get bulk custom wholesale popsockets if you want them for corporate giveaways.

4. Pens and small notebooks.

Pens and notebooks are useful, especially when you need to jot down notes. Now there is a notes app in smartphones these days, but most people usually forget that they exist because they’re rarely used. So instead, having a notebook is much better. Thankfully, there is a lot of cheap stationary online that looks fancy enough to be gifts. Kids and aspiring artists love to draw with colored pens, so you might want to get small drawing notebooks for them instead of the usual pads with lines.

5. USB flash drives.

A USB flash drive is one of the best cheap gifts out there, especially popular as a giveaway with tech companies during their events. A small 1GB USB flash drive that can keep some of your digital documents will be appreciated by people who work in the government, people who work for schools, or even by students and new graduates looking for their first job. Now, some people will tell you to just put your documents in the cloud, but that has a lot of problems. You’ll never know when you’ll suddenly need to print out some documents and you’ll never know when you’ll have an Internet connection. And if you happen not to have any Internet connection, then files in the cloud are useless, while you can carry data on a flash drive with you everywhere.

And there you have it. Now you have a list of gifts that you can give for any occasion. Make sure not to give the same gift on two consecutive occasions. Happy gift-giving!

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