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5 ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Inspired -Chess Gift Ideas

5 ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Inspired -Chess Gift Ideas

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If Netflix's latest miniseries has you rethinking the game of chess, you’re not alone. The Queen's Gambit has everyone talking.

Fortunately, if you know someone who’s suddenly obsessed with this show and its main character, Beth Harmon, you may have just stumbled on the perfect gift idea! There are many display-worthy chess boards on the market that could make wonderful presents.

From colourful chess boards, to rustic wood ones, these gift ideas are sure to set you up for a major win. Ready to make your move?


Here are 5 chess boards to gift this holiday season!


For the Trendsetter

With this set you can make a move, while you’re on the move! This chess set hangs vertically on your wall acting as unique decor, while still remaining fully functional for game night. It’s ideal for your condo-living friend who’s all about the trends. Shop Uncommon Goods


For the Artist

For the friend who loves to live in colour, this rainbow-bright set features a vibrant game board and reversible wooden pieces, and acts as both a chess and checkers set. The best part is that it all comes in a perfectly giftable rainbow tin. Shop Anthropologie


For the Fashionista

For the friend who is all about the details, opt for this handmade wooden chess board set with storage drawer. Anyone would appreciate the elegant wooden figures and special finish that comes in one convenient and compact size.

Shop Chess Sets on Etsy


For the Artisan

This beautiful hand-carved soapstone set is for the friend that loves collecting global, eclectic pieces. Each chess figure is carved in the shape of an animal expressing the meaning behind the game.

Shop the Fair Trade Sets on Fair Tribe

For The Serious Chess Player

Serious chess player will love this elm root and maple chess board, complete with a metal chess set. Imported from Italy, it has a high-class look at an affordable price point, allowing it to work as both a fun game of chess and a beautiful display. Shop The Chess Store


For Beginners

Rest assured that even the younger generation has browsed The Queen's Gambit. Kids will love to get in the spirit of chess with this no stress chess set, where your moves are determined by randomly-drawn playing cards. It’s perfect for beginners and a fun twist for advanced players. Shop Fat Brain Toys


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.