5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Music Online

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Digital music sales are becoming more popular all the time, and now many people don't even bother going to record stores for their music shopping needs. When you can easily search online databases for the music you want to download, and even buy individual songs if you don't want a full album, digital music shopping has some great advantages. However, it can get complicated. Be sure to consider these important issues with shopping for music online.

  1. The Price of Your Music
    When you go shopping for music online, you have to expect to pay. Sure, there are ways to get music for free online, but they don't offer the security and guilt-free downloading that you get from legitimate services. However, these benefits come at a price. Digital music services need to pay for the right to sell the songs in their stores, and that expense is passed on to you. Every digital store has its own pricing plans, and you should consider these before making purchases.
  2. Subscriptions and Purchases
    In general, there are two ways to go about shopping for music online. You can pay specified prices to download individual songs and albums for your own use, or you can sign up for a subscription that gives you access to a service's entire library. Subscription services can be much cheaper for highly active listeners and shoppers, but they typically don't offer the freedom to download songs for your own personal use. Consider the pros and cons of either option before choosing one.
  3. Digital Rights Management
    Are you the kind of listener who needs to actually own music, rather than enjoying it on a subscription basis? If so, then you should get acquainted with digital rights management, or DMR. Depending on a digital store's policies, it may allow you to download songs on a subscription plan. However, they often use DMR to keep you from using the files you download after your subscription runs out. Look into a store's policy about DMR before you decide to become a paying customer so that you can get the best service for your needs.
  4. Mobile Device Compatibility
    Digital music hasn't been a strictly home-bound utility for years. The ability to take music on the go revolutionized the industry, and you should make sure that any digital music store you use will be compatible with your mobile devices. Research compatibility options before becoming a paying customer, and see if you can use free trials to test how well your chosen service works with your mobile device. This can be a major deciding factor in digital music shopping choices.
  5. Libraries of Available Music
    Do you need to fill your library with the most popular songs on the latest music charts, or are you more into the vintage and obscure side of independent music? Depending on your tastes, some services may or may not be right for you. Every digital store has its own unique library, and if you can't find the music you want there, your subscription will be a waste of money. You don't want to restrict yourself to a single store that doesn't offer what you want, so remember these considerations for online music shopping.

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