5 Tips on Shopping Like an Individual During Lockdown

Most of us are finding ourselves either in lockdown or living under some level of restrictions due to coronavirus. We are finding that although there are plenty of places where we can buy clothes, such as supermarkets or on Amazon, finding unique and interesting items is proving more of a challenge.

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Here are five tips on shopping like an individual during the lockdown.

People Are Still Selling One-Off Fashions

Although we can’t visit boutique fashion stores, retro sellers, and thrift stores, where much of my unique wardrobe content tends to come from, there are still options to get bespoke one-off pieces made or ordered. Many part-time garment makers are now finding themselves temporarily laid off from their day jobs that it gives them more time to make and sell either through their websites or craft platforms such as Etsy.

Alter What You Have 

If you are anything like me, then you will no doubt have a section of your closet dedicated to all of those ‘discarded’ options. Maybe it’s stuff that you liked the look of at the time but never really found an occasion for or something that doesn't fit anymore, or even is not on your current style. Now is the time to accessorize, add to these garments, and get creative with giving these items a new lease of life.

Custom Clothing

You can get pretty much anything made with a custom message or logo on it, and this opens up your creative side. If you are an artist or designer or even just fancy trying your hand at giving it a go, then it’s easy to get something unique printed up and ready to go very quickly. Also, just start with something small such as customized baseball hats before moving on to t-shirts and even jackets and sweaters.

Learn to Make Clothing

You can even go one step further and learn to make your own clothing from scratch. It is going to be a learning curve if you’ve never done it before, but let's be honest, time is something the majority of us have on our side these days. There are kits you can buy that are start to finish, partly assembled garments, but if you're like me, the lack of creativity in these projects is a bit stifling, but it's a good start for some. Many places can still sell you material online, and if you have a sewing machine, just get going and knock something up, see how it turns out.

Shop Online

If you have a favorite retailer, it pays to check if they are still trading as many have not completely shut down and have changed to an online-only business model for the time being. I'm finding this approach a bit hit or miss as many aren't doing this, but it's easy to check, many stores operate a buy now pay later scheme as well. The longer the situation goes on, it will be interesting to see how the industry adapts and if we’ll see more of this.

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