5 Ways of Getting Fast Cash for Unexpected Expenses

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Life happens. Maybe you need a root canal. Maybe your car broke down, and you can’t afford the fix. Maybe you need some extra cash to get school supplies for your kids. Whatever the reason may be, there are times when you may need to get some quick cash – especially if you don’t have an emergency fund or savings account. So, how can you get some fast cash? Here are a few simple ideas.

  1. Start Selling Your Stuff

We’ve all got stuff that we don’t need. Maybe it’s that violin you never learned to play or the TV that’s been sitting in your basement unused since you upgraded to a newer model. You could even sell some of your clothes. There are a ton of ways to sell your stuff. You can use online platforms like Letgo, eBay, Depop, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more. So, find some things you don’t need, list it, and watch the cash roll in!

  1. Pick Up A “Side Hustle”

It’s easy to become qualified as a Lyft or Uber driver if you have a car. Don’t have a car? You may still be able to deliver for Uber eats or other delivery companies like Tapingo, Instacart, or DoorDash if you have a bicycle. Other options include charging scooters from Bird or Lime, or other electric scooter companies, or walking dogs using apps like Wag! And Rover. These are all great ways to make a quick buck.

  1. Ask for an Advance on Your Next Paycheck

In some cases, your employer may be able to give you an advance on your salary. A cash advance will help you get through an immediate emergency, without having to sell your stuff. However, not all employers offer this service, so you may not be able to depend on an advance. If this is the case, you should…

  1. Apply for Same Day Payday Loans

If none of the other options work for you, a payday loan, or cash advance may be a good choice. Many companies offer same day payday loans and cash advances, so this is the ideal option if you need money fast, for something like a car repair so that you can get to work. However, be aware of the terms of the loan you sign up for. You will be responsible for paying back the loan, as well as a number of associated lending fees. Budget accordingly, and make sure you can pay back what you borrow, or you may end up in an even worse financial situation.

  1. Donate

Clinics all around the country are always willing to pay good money for plasma. Plasma is derived from your blood cells, and you can make up to $400 a month by selling your plasma. You can usually donate up to 2 times per month, or more, depending on personal factors like your weight and physical health, and other such things. Do a bit of Googling to find a clinic near you, head in, and start making cash!

Follow this Guide – And Get the Cash You Need!

With this guide, you’ll be able to drum up some quick cash for an emergency, no matter how much you need. So, take another look now, and see which option the best for you is.

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