5 Ways to Save Money on Your Weekly Commuting Costs

Gas prices are astronomical these days. And if recent trends tell us anything, those prices aren’t likely to fall anytime soon. Getting to work is a necessity so it’s time to find ways to cut down on your commuting costs. From simply carpooling to getting rid of your car all together, there are ways everyone can save every week.

Carpool. It may seem like an obvious choice but then why are there so many lone drivers in their cars every morning on the freeway? Ask around your office to see if anyone lives close to you. If you don’t know a co-worker that lives nearby, think about looking online at carpooling communities and you might find a person who lives near you and works near where you work. You’ll cut your gas costs in half and your daily commute could get a little less lonely and tedious.

Use a more gas-friendly vehicle. If it’s in your budget, consider buying an alternative form of transportation. Hybrid technology has made huge advances in the last few years and saves tons on gas costs. If your total commute isn’t too far, electric and alternative-powered cars are coming back to the market, finally. They aren’t good for long distances, but could be perfect for a daily commute within the city. With these cars, you may not even have to power your engine with gas every day. Motorcycles and scooters both get great gas mileage. If you don’t live too far from work, you can always ride your bike. You’ll not only save tons on gas costs, you’ll stay in better shape.

Use public transportation. If it’s possible where you live, consider using busses, subways or light rails to get to work. Cities are making it easier and easier to get around without owning a car. And even if you use public transportation only for commuting to work, you’ll still save tons on gas and car repair. Plus you’ll give yourself some extra time every morning during the commute to do something else: read, knit, work a crossword. It could help relax you before or after a long day of work since you don’t have to do the driving.

Consider telecommuting. This may not be possible for a lot of us, but it can’t hurt to check. With the Internet today, a lot of work can be done offsite. If your position allows, your boss may be willing to let you do some portion of your work from home so that you don’t have to commute every day.

Walk. A lot of us work way too far from home to be able to walk the whole distance but consider doing any part of the commute on foot. You’ll save money, get in shape and ensure you spend some time outside every day. Walking to work may not be an option at all for you, in which case, you can always just walk whenever possible. If your grocery store, dry cleaners, coffee shop or liquor store is in walking distance, walk! Walk whenever you can so that you can save your money to spend on your commute.

These days, it seems hard to get by without owning a car but depending on how bold you’re feeling, not owning car can save you thousands of dollars a year. Then if you ever need a car, that’s why rental cars exist and you should be able to afford one with all the money you save on gas, maintenance, insurance and repairs.

You certainly don’t have to give up your car to save on your weekly commute though. Start with these tips and you’ll start seeing your commuting costs going down.

Sarah Danielson is a contributing writer for eRentals, the best online car rental supplier with over 12,000 locations worldwide.

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