6 Ways Of Saving Money On Your Mobile Phone

Keeping up with the latest smartphone trends can be expensive. Manufacturers release new models at dizzying rates and the technology advances so rapidly. The constant pressure to upgrade your phone can get a bit too much. With advancing technology and continual changes in the operating systems on the phones, it is clear that the phone industry is not wanting to leave anyone behind. 

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Then, on top of the cost of the technology itself, there is line rental call, call costs and the data to think about paying for. With each new phone and all of the dozens of apps that we end up downloading that we didn’t know that we needed, our data use just goes up, and up!

But if you don’t want to pay so much for your phone bills and handsets, there are many ways that you can save money on your mobile phone. Here are some suggestions for you. 

Go SIM Only 

Going SIM-only is a great way for you to save money on your mobile phone bills. Often with a phone contract, much of your monthly payment will be going into paying for your handset. However, if you already own a handset outright, there is no need to be paying your network provider for a new one. 

By choosing great SIM-only options such as the smarty unlimited data sim, you can enjoy as much data as you can use without having to pay for going over your allowance. 

All of our apps burn through data. So often we wonder where it all went. You might think that just going on Facebook or browsing a few websites each day would not lead to such high usage. However, it can be a shock to see exactly how much data you are using in a day. 

With data being something that phone operators can really make some money from, having an unlimited data SIM is a great way of really cutting down on these costs. 

Buy Last Year’s Model

Realistically, smartphone technology is not moving so fast that last year’s models are obsolete. In fact, you could quite happily go a couple of models back before you start needing to worry too much about the type of issues that you will face with operating systems not being supported anymore. 

When you go and select your next phone ask yourself whether you will really notice the extra centimetre in the size of the screen. Would you notice whether you have a few hundred MBs less storage space on your device? Do you know what the difference in processing speeds will do to the way that your phone will run? Do you need the highest-definition screen available? 

Chances are, the differences between models will only be very slight. It is, therefore, possible to look back a couple of generations and get a phone from a few years ago and still retain all of the functionality that you need. 

One of the most useful advancements in modern smartphones in recent years has been the inclusion of biometric authentication such as fingerprint and facial recognition. Fortunately, this has now been available for a few years from some manufacturers, so finding an older model that has these excellent security features should not prove to be too much of an issue. 

Most phone shops will still stock older models. These will not be located in their prime spaces, and the store employees are likely to try and steer you towards the models that they have been told to sell. However, stand your ground, and make sure that you check out the full range without being convinced to buy the newest phone on the market.

Buy A Refurbished Phone

Refurbished phones are a great way to save money. With the turnaround in smartphone technology, as a society, we are creating a major environmental issue. Disposing of technology is not easy, and when it ends up in landfill, it does not degrade. Keeping phones in circulation for the duration of their lifecycle is a positive way of trying to fight this environmental problem. Of course, it does not solve the entire issue, however, it is a step in the right direction. 

Refurbished phones will have been thoroughly tested. A factory reset will remove any personal data, apps, and files from the previous owner. A battery test can be run to check how well the device fares in comparison to the manufacturer’s power specifications. New batteries can be added to ensure that the phone has the longest life possible. 

A reputable seller will have had the phone checked against a database of devices that have been reported lost or stolen. That way there is no danger of you buying stolen goods. 

Often, companies that sell refurbished phones will provide a reasonable length warranty. Before you buy a phone, find out how long it is covered for. 

Shun The Big Brands

The major phone manufacturers can charge whatever they like for their new phones because they know that customers will ultimately be willing to pay anything for the latest piece of tech. But just because a brand is very well known, does not mean that it is the best. There are some excellent phones on the market that are made by brands that are not so well known. You might find a phone with a similar spec for a fraction of the price. 

When it comes to buying a lesser-known branded phone, make sure that you read reviews, check out videos, and see if you can get a demo of the phone.

Use Another Form Of Insurance For Your Phone

If you take out a phone contract, you will usually be offered insurance as an additional item. This can add an extra 20% or so onto the cost of your bill. Ensuring your phone is important. It is your protection should the phone get damaged or stolen. 

To save money on your phone insurance, find out whether you get free phone insurance with your bank account. If you are already paying for any kind of account package with your bank, then they often add phone insurance as one of the benefits. This very often works out far cheaper than the insurance that comes with your contract. 

Give Your Phone A Tune-Up

Before you give up on your current phone and replace it, ask yourself if it doesn’t just need a bit of a tune-up in order to get it to its best again. Often, phones can really start to slow down after you have used them for a while. This is down to the amount that we have downloaded, installed, or saved onto them. 

Before you decide to run out and get a new phone, you can give your current phone a new lease of life by doing the following: 

1. Uninstalling unused apps

How often do you download an app and not use it? If you scroll through your apps, you will probably find lots installed on your phone that you no longer use. Go through and uninstall anything that you do not need or use. Make sure that you fully uninstall it, and that you are not just removing it from your home screen. 

2. Use cloud storage

If you are not already using cloud storage, you should do this. It is the safest way of storing important documents and photos so that you do not lose them in the event of your phone breaking or getting a virus. It also frees up a vast amount of space on your phone and allows you to view the files on any other device. 

3. Deleting photos that you don’t want or need

When you take a photo, do you often take three for good measure? The great thing about digital technology is that we can clog up our devices in order to get the perfect picture. However, you may have thousands of photos on your phone that you don’t need, they will stop you from doing what you want to do. Delete as many photos as you can, and consider moving the photos that you want to keep onto the cloud. 

4. Clearing your cache

Whenever you use an app online you will be storing a cache of data surrounding that visit. Usually, this is to help pages load quicker next time you visit. This data can really clog up your device over time. Head into your settings and clear your cache.

5. Reviewing the settings on your most-used apps

If you have your phone set up to automatically play videos in Facebook, or to download attachments automatically via email, your phone will be using more data and filling up your memory far quicker. Review each app to make sure you are using it efficiently.

6. Installing recent updates

Updating your operating system might be a chore, but it can speed your phone up. Let it carry out the work overnight if necessary. 

7. Run an antivirus check

If you are not carrying out regular antivirus checks on your phone then you could be at risk of picking up malware that could cause damage to your data and slow your systems down. A healthy phone is one that has been scanned for virus’ often. 



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