7 Effective Tips To Choose The Right Mattress For Lower Back Pain


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Last updated on April 28, 2019

We typically spend about a third of our lives in bed. Accordingly, you should spend all this time as comfortable as possible. Eight out of ten people suffer from lower back pains. Hence, there is a high possibility of you suffering from this condition in your lifetime.


Back pains prevent you from achieving your daily goals. A good mattress goes a long way into preventing lower back pains. For that reason, here are seven tips to finding a suitable mattress to avoid lower back pains.

  1. Size matters

The right size of mattress is dependent on your weight and size of your bed of course. As the mattress yields over time, this will likely lead to problems in your back area. If it sags in the middle, then it is time for a new mattress. If you are heavily built, a softer mattress might be the best for you. If you are slender, then a firmer mattress will work best for your back.

  1. Try before you buy

An excellent way to see if a mattress is right for your back is at retail stores. Most of these stores allow a prospective buyer to test drive a mattress before use. If more people will use the bed, then it is advisable you try it out at the same time. Lying, twisting, and turning on a mattress for a couple of minutes will allow you to make a correct verdict.

  1. Firmness

A firm mattress works best for your lower back. Even though soft mattresses will feel comfortable hugging your body through the night, it is not recommended for long-term use. As you sleep, your spine stretches and relaxes making it vulnerable to bending. The further your back adjusts to the shape, the longer your spine extends, which is not good for your health. Also, consider is the position you like to sleep on. If you usually sleep on your back or stomach, your body covers a broader surface area. Thus medium-firm density will work satisfactorily. While sleeping sideways, your body punctures deep into the mattress. For this, a harder mattress is desirable. 

  1. Budget

As a general rule of thumb, the costly the mattress, the better it is. You are willing to spend whatever the cost to get a good night sleep. One good way to look at the mattress you require is to look at different stores with mattresses. While comparing the prices, you will usually find a high discrepancy on prices for the same brand of mattress. This comparison is because some stores have invested heavily in creating an atmosphere for you to buy from them as opposed to others. If you want to save some buck, compare the prices and find a cheaper store. Then inquire if that store has what you need.

  1. Type of mattress

There are multiple types of mattresses in the market. Usually, you will find a memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, latex foam mattresses, air mattresses or a hybrid mattress. Each has an advantage over the other. However, recent studies show memory foam mattresses are best for people suffering from joint pains and lower back problems. In fact, some of the other types of mattresses may contribute to the damning effects on your back. Also, remember that the different memory foam mattresses do have a different hardness to suit your preferences.  

  1. Place to buy

In general, you can buy a mattress online or in a retail shop. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. For example, in an online store like Amazon, prices are lower due to the high volume of the same mattress sold. Furthermore, transportation is usually cheaper. However, you will not get a feel of what you are buying until it gets to your door. In a retail store, you will likely find a salesperson, who has valuable advice on what to buy. This technique might be helpful if you need some supplementary information.

  1. Beware of gimmicks

There are many mattresses branded as orthopedic. This should not be the end of your search as relates to your lower back pains. You should research on what is really best for you by following the previous tips. A good mattress for you does not necessarily mean it is good for others. Also, beware of stores that do not live up to guarantee promises or hidden terms and conditions.

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