7 Mistakes To Avoid During Black Friday

christmas shopping

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Any shopaholic knows that Black Friday means using our inside secrets to waste less time in lines, score great deals and make smarter purchases.

christmas shopping

However, if you are not properly prepared and you’re making the wrong choices on that day you could miss out some sales and even squander your budget. These deals are coming fast and thick from every store and sometimes making the most out of Black Friday shopping can be difficult. Be smart and do some research before throwing yourself on the first deal. You have plenty of information at your fingertips, google your favourite store, check the prices, see what you truly need and learn to compare offers before placing your order. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid if you want this Black Friday to be a hit: 

1. Lack of planning 

A huge mistake before going in full-shopping mode is not planning according to your budget and needs. This is more than a foot-stomping, elbow-throwing, and soul-crushing battle for items. It should not mean shopping stronger, better, and faster; it means shopping with your brain and with a well-established strategy. Be aware of prices and move fast, but don’t exhaust yourself to death buying after your impulses. Be smart and compare prices before and after, calculate the price after discount and see if that pair of jeans are worth your money. Having a clear plan will prevent you from overspending. Learn from your mistakes and be more prepared in the future.

2. Avoid buying based on your impulse

Everyone knows that making an impulse buy can be fun, but that feeling of satisfaction is just temporary. We’ve all done that mistake not only once but many times: you never planned on buying a new bag because you already have a few, but you see the most gorgeous bag on sale and you decide that you have space for one more in your closet. You’ll feel really proud at first, but the sad thing is that now you have no money left to buy the things you really need. Whenever you see something on sale, give yourself some time to process the information. Do you really need that thing, or is it just marketing doing its job? 

Given the times we live in, everyone is in a hurry, buying things on impulse or because of the fear of missing out on a trend. Sometimes, you’ve had a bad day and treating yourself to a good sale seems like a great pick-me-up. But make no mistake, as soon as the dopamine wears off, that object won’t make you very happy. Give yourself a cool-down moment when the buying impulse hits you. Once you’ve calmed your spirits and gained a new perspective, ask yourself if you need the product. This method should help you to correct your impulses and shop smart. 

3. Not being physically prepared

Shopping can be quite exhausting for some. You’ll be dealing with hours of walking and sitting in lines. The most common mistake among many shoppers is when they get so excited about the shopping day that they completely forget about their physical needs. This problem is more real than you think. To avoid any type of problems you should start your morning by having a rich breakfast and even a strong coffee at home to avoid those long lines at Starbucks.

4. Don’t go past your budget

Black Friday is a huge day for spending and that’s not a secret. Make a Black Friday wish list and stick to it, plan some savings and most importantly, don’t exceed your budget. We all know the myth that you’ll never get a better deal than on Black Friday but that’s not true. Don’t let that type of thinking dictate your mindset during the shopping season, because you’ll end up draining your savings. There will be plenty of occasions to shop when prices are low. You should only consider your needs and the budget you’ve established and try to ignore the tactics retailers use to lure you in.

5. Waking up late

If you’re that excited about Black Friday you should consider waking up as early as you can to avoid the queues from the stores. We know that shopping late in the evening sounds way better but unfortunately, the best products go out of stock within the first few hours. Usually, stores post their discounts after midnight, so you might consider setting your alarm as early as you can to catch the best offers. 

6. Getting seduced by flashy deals

Many retailers will increase the prices right before applying discounts for their products and that’s not a secret anymore. They do that to make deals appear flashy than they are. This doesn’t mean that some products don’t’ worth their price, but you must catchy and do your homework by researching the present prices of the products you’re planning to buy, way more sooner. By being well prepared for this sort of game you’ll avoid being fooled by sneaky prices. 

7. Avoiding online shopping

The biggest mistake of old school shoppers is they completely ignore the benefits of buying online. Shopping online has lots of benefits and one can even argue that once you get used to it, you'll want to avoid brick and mortar stores as much as possible. If you’ve never spent Black Friday shopping online before, here are a few reasons why you might want to change habits: 

Infinite choice of products: Land-based stores have limited storage space, not to mention that they tend to look chaotic and disorganized during high-traffic events such as Black Friday. Meanwhile, online stores have more products and you can browse them quietly, from the comfort of your home, without sitting in a queue or fighting over who gets the last pair of shoes. 

Accessibility: In comparison with real stores where you spend hours to find something and have a fixed schedule, online stores are available at any time of the day or night. You can use the search bar to find whatever you need and you can go shopping even if the weather is bad or you have to look after the kids that day. 

Notifications and discounts: Signing up for newsletters offers you plenty of benefits. You’ll be announced about every discount, which is an amazing way to keep your budget under control.   

You can avoid all of these mistakes  on Back Friday if you plan your shopping day carefully. Remember not to buy based on your impulses and seek only what you truly need. After all, it’s just a shopping day and you’ll have plenty of other occasions to spend your money.

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