7 Ways to Make Money During the Coronavirus Lockdown

7 Ways to Make Money During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic could completely turn someone's life around. Mass job reductions, leave at one’s expense, lower salaries. All this can drive into depression and significantly shake family capital. If everything is complicated with work, and you are not sure about tomorrow, you need to hiccup alternative ideas for earning money now. We are talking about real work, which will really bring profit and can become the beginning of even your own small business.

7 Ways to Make Money During the Coronavirus Lockdown

To find exactly your option, you need to think about what is your forte. Interested? Then, read on.

1. Start Working as a Courier

During quarantine, the courier profession is one of the most popular during quarantine. Food and drug delivery services are especially popular. On average, couriers were paid 22% more for one visit in March than in February. So, if you consider the business idea of being courier you could really earn a good amount of money.

2. Online Tutoring

To do this, you will need a computer with a Web camera or laptop, and a dedicated workstation. An online lesson can be conducted on Skype or the Zoom application. You can advertise on a portal that is well indexed in a Google search engine, on your personal Facebook, or Instagram pages. There are also many forums where parents spend their time, they should be your main territory. Describe in detail your profile, what exactly you teach, how you can be useful, what specific time you work. The cost of one hour of training is usually $ 15. Having a narrow specialization, you can organize group conferences, and the cost of a group lesson is cheaper, but this will make it possible to earn more in a short time.

3. Write Essays for Students

Writing an essay for students is a good idea for a quarantine business. Firstly, you will do a good job because freelance essay writing sites really help students with their needs. EssayShark is one of them and it is a good platform where you can get hired and start earning without any inconveniences. Secondly, you will earn money literally without getting up from your couch. The more you write better – the higher rating you get. Being a top writer allows you to earn up to $2000/month. This is a great way to make money, especially if you always had a passion for writing.

4. Tailoring Underwear

If you have a sewing machine, consider it is the beginning. Now handmade lingerie is incredibly popular. These are pajamas made of cool fabric, and lace sconces, and bodysuit. The most important thing – a consumable for one set costs a penny, but you can sell it for a very good amount. There will be no problems with learning. You can learn how to sew simple sets in a couple of hours from a video on YouTube. This option can really be the beginning of a new brand since it is easiest to develop a small business out of it. To do this, you only need Instagram, beautiful photos of your work, and readiness to fulfill orders.

5. Try Writing Paid Comments

Many people like to write comments. And you can write reviews and receive payments for them. To do this, there are exchanges where customers post tasks: write a review about a particular product or service on forums, social networks, or Google Reviews. There are also tasks for posting comments under YouTube video clips. You can also search for tasks for writing comments on the copywriting and freelance exchanges.

6. Start Sewing Masks

Masks are one of the most popular products, the demand for which continues to grow. In addition, many do not want to buy standard medical masks in pharmacies but are looking for something more original on the Internet. If you know how to sew, then this is a good opportunity to satisfy demand and earn money by selling your product. You can order the necessary materials for sewing on the Internet.

7. Start a Personal Blog

If you are good at grammar, your imagination has no limits, you like to communicate, you can make money on it. Yes, you won’t be able to make money on blogging in a week or two, but if you make every effort, then in a month you will get the first money.

Summing up

The quarantine changes the usual way of life, but monetary causal relationships remain the same. People pay money to solve the problems that they cannot or do not want to cope on their own: to eat, have leisure, get from point A to point B, make room for photos, etc. The good news is that during the crisis there are more problems. This means that the number of opportunities to solve these problems is growing. And, accordingly, you can get paid for it. Therefore, the sooner you stop stubbornly clinging to familiar patterns of work and interaction, the faster you can discover new ones. Take note of the ideas from this article and start making money today.

6 Ways To Make Money During Shutdown

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