A Side of Extra-Strength Tylenol Please

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The only things I hate about business trips are (1) the only major airport is 3 hours away from here in hickville, so the driving actually takes longer than the actual flying, and (2) the back-up of work from being gone gives me a migraine. I went to Orlando for Affiliate Summit (great time, btw) last week, and despite Southwest losing my luggage, I still managed to get one marriage proposal. Sorry, J.

I was excited to come back and see some progress on my house. It's only been 6 months since they started! Originally I was to have been moved in by now, but the date keeps getting pushed back. I was hoping to now be moved in before school starts, but that's not gonna happen either.

I'll add more house progress pics later today and put a link to the pics in the sidebar.

You didn't think I'd forget a “requirement”, did you? Sense of Humor. I love to laugh. It is definitely the best medicine for everyone. And you'd have to put up with my corny jokes.

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