Amazon Personal Versus Amazon Business Account: Which Is Better?

Amazon Prime vs Amazon Business?

When I was offered the opportunity to “upgrade” my Amazon Prime account to an Amazon Business account, I felt privileged as it touted “business-only price savings”. Then I found out it's actually free to upgrade your Amazon account to Business (click here for details). I immediately switched over my account… and I hated it. Keep reading if you agree and are having trouble switching your Amazon Business account back to a personal Amazon Prime account. 

Why did I hate Amazon Business, you ask?

  1. With Amazon Business, you cannot participate in Subscribe&Save where you can save up to 15% off your order.
  2. With Amazon Business, you do not get the option of FREE No-Rush Shipping where you can receive $1 credit towards digital items, which is nice if you don't need the item you ordered immediately. Look for this option when you check out.
    FREE No-Rush Shipping Get a $1 credit for select digital items
  3. With Amazon Business, you don't get access to Amazon Prime videos and music!
  4. And lastly, I didn't receive any “price savings” that I noticed. Maybe I buy too many personal items, and not enough business supplies…

I gave the Amazon Business account a try for a few months, and all I wanted back was my Amazon Prime personal account!

Changing Amazon Business account back to personal Prime

So how do change your Amazon Business account back to an Amazon Personal account?

They don't make it easy, but that's what I'm sharing this link with you. You're welcome.

I would love to hear if any of you actually prefer a business account and why if so.

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