Author: Alicia

Tips On Finding The Best Sergers

best serger

While most of us buy clothes at the nearest retail stores, some opt to make their own. Armed with a high-quality sewing machine and lots of creativity, these talented individuals can transform pieces of shapeless fabrics into creative clothing masterpieces. It’s not too late though …

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Ten Ways To Save More Money

Dollar Bills Photo

Saving money requires commitment and hard work. If you have extra responsibilities other than taking care of your own expenses then saving money becomes even harder. However you can save some money despite your financial responsibilities. Saving money brings benefits which remain for the rest …

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Budget When You’re Behind In Bills

paying bills

Budget is the core of an organized monthly expenditure regime. Unless you have a budget, you will always hanging under a past due board. And this will result in a vicious cycle which can only be solved if you analyze your expenditures. You will need …

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