Author: Allan

Allan loves blogging about frugality. Over the last 4 years he has written numerous articles on how to save money buying appliances, furniture and toys online. When he is not blogging, Allan enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Bill Costs

Energy Bills

Energy bills are rising every year due to heavy increases in crude oil prices. Before they shoot out of your budget, you need to make some changes in your energy consumption habits. Unplug all Devices not in use Gadgets like cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, …

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Easy Ways to Save Money on Children’s Toys

Toy Box Photo

Raising children can be an expensive process, especially when you have multiple children to attend to. The constant need for new clothes, new toys, education outlays and daily expenses is constantly a concern. So how do we minimize these expenses? You need to focus on …

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