Author: Carol

How To Slash The Cost Of Life Insurance

life insurance

Life insurance is something that most people feel they should probably have, but far fewer people get it than they should. That’s largely because most people consider life insurance to be very expensive. If you’ve got a steep quote that puts you off life insurance …

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So, You Want to Start Running a Hotel?

hotel lobby desk

If you’ve got the space and want to start a successful business, opening up your own hotel is a great idea. If you’re in the right area, a hotel is one of those businesses that is always needed; after all, you’ll always have a steady …

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Keeping Up with the Kiddos as a Working Mom

working mom

From desk jobs to remote workers to small business owners, every working mom faces tough choices when it comes to time and money management. Like most working moms, your daycare probably costs about 10 percent of your family income. Plus even though you crave time with …

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