Author: Eric

Benefits of Living Near a Lake

house by lake

From penthouse apartments to mountain cabins, you can find a place to live practically anywhere. If Eskimos can build houses out of ice cubes, the possibilities are endless. Me, though? I like to keep it simple. For my money, nothing beats getting out of bed …

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Tips for Seeking Funding for a Business

funding a business

Just 40% of U.S. business owners applied for a loan in 2017, down from 45% the previous year. With less competition, more applications were approved for the full amount than were requested in 2016. That’s because a small business loan is just one of the …

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Coffee Maker Showdown: Krups Vs. Keurig


Krups. Keurig. Koffee … wait, that's Coffee. In any case, these two companies, Krups and Keurig, have been engaged in a long battle for single-serve supremacy in the caffeinated beverage industry. With other competitors – less specialized manufacturers like Cuisinart or Kenmore, for instance – …

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