Author: Heather

How to Save Money on Plumbing Costs


Everyone desires to save money to cater to the dozens of responsibilities they need to manage. However it’s easier said than done when you are buying a home. Plumbing is one such component of a modern home that contributes to its overall cost. You might …

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Where to Save and Where to Splurge on Your Car

Mustang GT

With more than 95 percent of US households having a car, owning a Mustang is a special feeling. No matter what model you have, your motorized companion's average age goes up to 11 years. Sometimes, you should splurge on high-quality Mustang performance parts during this …

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DOT: New Diving Rules For Tourists

scuba diving

The service industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic. When COVID -19 struck, hotels had to shut their door, the boards were closed, and curfews were imposed to keep the infections in check. This means no local or international tourist was allowed to visit …

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