Best Budget Anniversary Gift Ideas

The best anniversary gifts do not need to cost a lot of money. Gifts that are meaningful hold as much importance as monetary value, particularly if you have spent time and effort to find the perfect gift. 

Best Budget Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your anniversary is a celebration of the two of you as a couple, so a gift could be a joint one. Here are some general ideas that link in the traditional list of anniversary gifts, which will help you be creative in your gift-buying to mark the years you have been together. You do not have to stick with these ideas, but they are a good starting point for creative thinking. 

First Year: Paper

Print your favorite photographs from the last year and create a montage to hang at home.  Another is to write a letter to your beloved, in your own handwriting even if it looks scrawly, that lets them know how grateful you are to have them in your life and how you are looking forward to many years together. 

5th year: Wood 

Wood is the symbol of your relationship’s strength and durability. Gift ideas can be something you had considered buying for your home anyway but had put off as a bit of a luxury.  Instead of buying a useless gift, consider purchasing the bookcase you have wanted, or the new wooden bed frame or a beautiful salad bowl and servers.

10th year: Aluminum 

Being married for a decade deserves a special gift. Yet a holiday may be impossible for the budget. Instead, hire out a couple of aluminum bicycles for the day in your local city and behave like a tourist, visiting galleries, cafes, and parks that you both enjoy. You could also write out your wedding vows and place them in an aluminum frame as a sweet, everyday reminder of your commitment and love.

15th year: Crystal 

An elegant wine decanter does not break the bank, but thinking outside-the-box, quartz crystals are used in radios, transistors, computers chips, and digital watches, any of which would make a great gift. They have also used to power the amplifiers in electric guitars, microphones, and most digital electronic devices, which makes an upgrade of any of these a possible gift. Look online for the best deals.

20th year: China

Having your favorite photograph of the year printed on a porcelain mug is a fun gift on your 20th-anniversary celebration, or place this in a porcelain frame. A trip out to your nearest Chinatown could be an adventure, or include a Chinese proverb with your gift, such as “If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.” or “A hundred men may make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home”.     

25th year: Silver

This milestone anniversary deserves a big celebration. A relaxed celebration that family and friends can contribute dishes whilst you provide beer and wine makes for a lovely celebration.  Add in decorations using the same colors that were on the wedding palette, plus a montage of some of their best, and funniest, photographs of the last quarter-century will make this a celebration to remember. 

50th year: Gold

This anniversary deserves a party. Hosting a brunch means there is less of an expectation of alcohol, whilst offering the opportunity to share photographs, memories, and to have games that share more of the couple’s story. A crossword puzzle featuring the names of the couple and their children, the names of their favorite restaurants, pet peeves and more, can be created online from the list of words provided.

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Anniversary Gift Ideas For Those On A Budget

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