6 Best Gift Cards for Your Best Friend

Best Gift Cards for Your Best Friend

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Last updated on September 10, 2021

Gifts are the best way of telling your loved ones that you care for them. Celebrations are not complete without the exchange of gifts. Gifts can make a person feel special. However, choosing a perfect gift can be a nightmare for most of us.

Choosing a Gift for Your Best Friend

Your best friend expects you to know about her tastes and choices better than others do. You decide to give her the expensive perfume she had been coveting every time she visits a Shopper's Stop with you. You save up every single penny for that perfect birthday gift.

And to your dismay on the very day, you buy the perfume and get it gift wrapped; the desired perfume is sitting on her dresser beforehand as a gift from her boyfriend.

Gifts Are Not Always Welcomed

It can be a little disheartening to see the t-shirt that you gifted your best friend and spent hours online searching for the just-right fit, color and size finding its way back to you as a gift from some common friend. Because obviously, your friend was not impressed by your choice. To avoid such a scenario, it makes sense that we allow the recipient to choose a gift. How can we do that? Giving out a gift card makes it possible.

Gift Cards Are the Best Gifts

What do you do to avoid the duplicity of gifts? The whole exercise of finding and buying the best gift may just be a waste of effort and even heartbreaking when you know that your gift may not be even used.

In such a scenario, gift cards can prove to be helpful. Did you know the global gift card industry is predicted to hit $1,922.87 billion by 2027? Going by the rising sales of gift cards, it appears that the gift cards are here to stay. A gift card is basically free money that allows the receivers to spend according to their likings. So, the next logical question is, which gift card is the best choice as the perfect gift? Following are some popular gift card ideas.

1. Gift Card From an Online Store

It would be a good idea to give your friend a gift card from a popular online shopping store like Amazon. Amazon offers a range of categories to buy from that may be of interest to your friend. From cute dresses to stationery, Amazon has it all.

2. Gift Card From a Beauty Store

Best friends always share makeup. Therefore, it makes sense on your part to redeem yourself from the makeup debt that you have piled up by always borrowing her mascara and glitter eye shadow. This holiday season, get your best friend a gift card from Sephora or Mac, and she will never stop you from using her nail polish.

3. Gift Card From a Sports Accessories Shop

Whether your best friend is a one for early morning runs or the one who does not want to get out of bed, for both types – sports shop vouchers can do the trick. Stores such as Decathlon offer a wide variety of sports gear and equipment for amateurs and professionals.

4. Gift Card From a Fast-Food Restaurant

A quick grab on the way to work or school can save the day and satiate that gurgling stomach. A quick coffee from Starbucks is always needed during morning rush hours or for quick refreshment during lunchtime. With every swipe of your gift card at the outlet, your friend will thank you. There are many options available online, view here to know more.

5. Gift Card From a Fine Dining Restaurant

There are days when you simply want to dress elegantly and chat candidly over a perfect meal served by a courteous bearer—give such moments of elegance to your best friend in the form of a restaurant gift card.

6. Gift Card of a Music App

Music apps such as Spotify offer gift cards that can be redeemed to buy a premium range of features available in their app. Gift music, gift relaxing moments.

With so many options available in the gift card range, choosing a gift card over other gifts is sensible. Gift cards not only show that you care but also give your loved ones the freedom to buy the goodies of their choice.

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