Boob Job. Schmo Job.

Anyone else watch Nip/Tuck on FX? Crazy stuff. Maybe I should be looking for a plastic surgeon myself. A breast enhancement, tummy tuck and little liposuction would be nice.

When I first got divorced, an online casino company offered me 400 times more money for a domain name than what I paid for it. I figured that was a good return on an investment, so I said Show Me the Money. My first intention was to have a little plastic surgery. Thought it would boost my self-esteem. But I kept debating that I also want a man to like me for me, for my brains and not my beauty. My other idea was to put the money away for a lavish wedding… if I ever find Mr. Right to marry. Until I do decide, I’ll keep it nicely tucked away in a money market account.

What I’m Listening to… Howard Stern on Sirius Internet Radio (it’s Free today and tomorrow)

What I’m Eating… I got into the Halloween stash… Hershey’s Take Five candy bar… I don’t recommend them and certainly don’t endorse them.

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