Combustion at Kim’s House

When my dad died, he had no life insurance and a lot of debt. I am still dealing with settling his (lack of) estate.  I had told the mortgage lender to go ahead and foreclose on his house since my dad owed way more on the property than it was worth.  After a year of negotiations, the lender offered to let us settle the debt for much less than what was owed.

My newly married brother jumped at this opportunity thinking he could remodel and fix up the house and move back here to be around family. But after further inspections, the house’s structure appears to be unstable and not worth fixing.  So until he decides what to do with the property, guess who’s giving up his beautiful house in KC and moving in with me temporarily? Yep, my brother, Mike, his lovely wife…. and their dog?! Oh my.

Cartoon FireSo Mike rented a storage unit here in town and hauled an enclosed trailer full of furniture up here last weekend. They even picked me up in Omaha on their way as I just got back from a girls’ vacay in Florida. After they dropped me off, they opened the back end of the trailer to see it was on FIRE!  Fire is another one of my fears, next to dogs.

They only totally lost a few things, but the rest of the items are now all covered in black soot and smell terrible of smoke. Some of those items are now in my basement making my basement reek as well. They are lucky that the whole trailer didn’t burn up while driving it down the road!

I’ve already started a “honey do” list for my brother to work on when he moves in. Getting rid of that charcoal smell in the basement is now at the top of that list.

Image Credit: Sweet Clip Art

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