Cowboy Up Buckle Bunny

Kim riding the mechanical bull in NYC
If I were young and childless, I could see myself living in Manhattan, New York. I wouldn’t need a car (I hate driving anyway) and I could walk to get whatever I needed (and the exercise would do me good). I went to NYC for Ad-tech earlier this week, and my mom and her friends tagged along to sight-see, while my brother came along to party, I mean network, with me. We stayed a block away from Times Square (where I think the lights are better than Vegas).

At XY7’s No Bull Party, they had a Bikini Bull Riding Contest. They offered any ladies $50 to ride the mechanical bull at Johnny Utah’s. I thought what the hey, 8 seconds to earn $50 will cover the cost of my drinks. Ok, so I was the oldest gal, definitely not the thinnest, and I forgot to pack my bikini, but luckily the audience voted by applause, and I have friends! I ended up 2nd place to win $200! That was enough to justify my purchase of two Coach purses fresh off the black market. And the big bruise on my inner thigh is hardly noticable.

Then at the Ad-tech exhibit hall, my brother won a whooping $37 in the money machine at the Market Leverage booth. Maybe if he would have visited the Oxygen Bar first, he could have netted more.

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