Cruisin’ Through Christmas Shopping

Barbie Volkswagon Beetle only $10! from WalmartI think I am actually done Christmas shopping, and over a whole week early!  But it doesn't feel like it, because I did most of my shopping online and am patiently waiting for all the packages to arrive.  I already see in my online account that the Barbie Sport Convertible I ordered from won't arrive until after 1/2/08.  Luckily Tatym just stated “Barbie car” on her wish list, and not exactly what kind of car.  So I ordered the Barbie Volkswagon Beetle from for only $10 and 97¢ shipping. What a deal. You can still order this by December 18th for standard delivery by December 24th!

I guess I'll either return the convertible to a Target store when it arrives or keep in my “gift closet” for future use. I'd love to list my other great online finds, but I'm afraid some of the recipients may read this!

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    Barbara Roberts December 17, 2007

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