Cut Home Costs With These 3 Home Automation Tips

Picture a world where you could save money by sitting on your sofa. Now imagine that when you aren't sitting on your sofa you still save money. You can save money at the movies, at the beach, and anywhere else you could imagine. No matter how much you spend, you can still save money.

home automation

This might seem like a big promise, but properly installed and managed home automation can reduce your energy expenditure, and therefore, lower your cost of ever-increasing utilities.

Don't Touch That Thermostat!

You no longer need to trudge over to tweak your thermostat after someone else adjusts the temperature. With smart automated devices you can control thermostats from anywhere by picking up your phone or talking to a smart hub. This ability to change the temperature can help save money at your convenience.

Some automated thermostats measure the temperature and humidity in your home and use the information that they gather to adjust the actual mechanisms of your HVAC system. Automatic temperature adjustment creates optimal comfort for the homeowner. It has the added benefit of reducing energy costs without you having to do anything except install and pick a temperature. Now that's cool!

Bright Lights No Longer a Big Bill

Turning lights on and off with your phone may seem extravagant, but it might be your current lighting that is breaking the bank. Not just a fad, automated lighting systems are actually reducing home energy bills, making them a staple in economically driven homes. 

Their ability to light the way to a lower energy bill may not be apparent at first, but it does add up throughout the years. Stick with an automated lighting system long enough and your lights will end up paying you. Motion sensors can help keep lights active for as long as they are used, without you having to give a second thought to them. Installation of smart bulbs and plugs allow you to set timers and regulate your home's electricity expenditure with a smart device.

Water, Water Efficiently

Let's assume that you have heard about the need to conserve water. Perhaps you willingly or begrudgingly decided to help out by taking shorter showers or planting a garden that matches your climate. Great job helping the planet and your fellow human beings!

Those changes may or may not have saved you money. Perhaps you decided not to invest in water-conserving appliances because of the price. Maybe it's time to think smaller. A faucet that drips once per minute can waste 34 gallons of water a year. Imagine if all the drips and water left running could be stopped. Not only would you save water, you'd save money. When you're unsure of which device to invest in, remember that automatic faucets can keep you flush. 

We live in an age in which home automation is quickly becoming as efficient as it is thrifty. Breathe better, see better, and clean better. Automation is an investment that can save you money in every room of your home.

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