Did You Know These Fun Facts?

I saw one of my Facebook friends share these images, and I thought they were too factual not to share.

Did You Know?

Women with higher IQ's have a harder time finding a mate. Intelligent women would rather remain single than be with the wrong person.

I'm going to start using this excuse as to why I'm single – my IQ is too high! Actually I would rather be single and happy then settle and be unhappy.

Did You Know?

The human mind can only maintain complete trust once for each person. Once broken, it's never the same.

Trust is huge for me… probably another reason I'm single.

Did You Know?

Your nose is connected to the memory center of your brain. That's why smells can trigger powerful memories.

Is why I smell my dead dad sometimes?

Did You Know?

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

Everything happens for a reason!

Did You Know?

Bad Handwriting? Keep this mind: More intelligent people tend to think faster, and as a result their handwriting is more sloppy.

My handwriting sucks! I'd rather type than write. I feel more intelligent already. 🙂

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