Discovering the Wonders of Steam Showers

There are many reasons to go to the gym and spa, one being the health benefits you get from it. But some people make a regular trip to these places because of the sauna and steam showers. These features have gained popularity over the years because they help soothe aching muscles and joints, de-stress, and invigorate tired minds and bodies. 

Steam Shower

Today, you no longer have to make your way to the gym to get your steam fix because manufacturers have now come up with home versions of saunas, Jacuzzis, and steam showers. They even offer accessories so you can add steam features to your conventional shower head. This way, you can have the luxury of enjoying a steam bath in your own home. 

Steam showers are relatively new on the market, and this is one reason why many homeowners are uncertain when it comes to buying one. If you're one of them, the guide below will help you decide what you need to look for so you can shortlist your options. 

What is a steam shower?

Steam showers are basically a small cubicle fitted with a vapour-tight door and equipped with a steam generator. Steam is generated by boiling water and delivering the vapour into the cubicle and to prevent water damage, moisture impervious materials or tiles are used to cover the ceiling, walls, and floors of the enclosed cubicle. Most units have a bench or seat you can relax on while enjoying your steam bathing session. They're also designed to function as a regular shower, so you don't need a separate fixture to take a regular shower. 

Do you really need it? 

There is a different process involved in buying a home steam shower. It's nothing like going to the appliance centre to look for a new dishwasher or washing machine, and then coming out with a new one to take home. With steam showers, you need to pay for the cost of the actual unit and hire a contractor for installation. You also need to be aware that because it produces steam, you'll need to think of your bathroom's design and materials used to prevent moisture and mould damage. 

Another deciding factor is your medical condition. People suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are advised to consult with their doctor first before even going in a steam shower. You want to cover all bases and make sure you're cleared to use it, before investing your money in anything. 

Consider the available options

Improved designs and manufacturing processes mean that consumers have more options to choose from. If you have enough budget to spend, you can buy a whole steam shower unit and pay for installation, and there is also the option of installing a steam generator and designing a custom-built shower room to put it in. If you're not sure about the design and installation requirements, you can always hire an expert to do it for you. Once everything's set up, you can enjoy a steam bath without having to go to the spa or gym.

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