Don’t Forget These 5 Things at Your Holiday Party!

Don't Forget These 5 Things at Your Holiday Party!

Nothing closes out the year like a really good holiday party. These seasonal staples are ubiquitous, yet few of them are truly memorable. Here are some essential components for a party that will have people talking into the New Year.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Don’t neglect your sober guests! It’s easy to focus on mixing the perfect punch and stocking up on enough beer while forgetting that not everyone likes to consume alcohol. Don’t treat the alcohol-free beverages as an afterthought by just setting out a bottle of soda or some bottled water. Mix up a fun juice spritzer or go super trendy and serve green juices or even smoothies.

Put Your Pets Away

The host of a party should always put his or her guests first. Some of your guests may be allergic to or uncomfortable around pets. Pets are also not ideal additions when you are cooking and serving food. Don’t let your pets roam around while the party is in progress. Keep them in the backyard or a spacious bedroom until everyone has gone home.

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Smart Food Choices

Party foods shouldn’t just be small. They should be fuss-free. If your party isn’t a sit-down meal, you should try to serve as many finger foods as possible. This will prevent your guests from having to walk around with dishes and silverware, and it will prevent spills. Small sandwiches and appetizers always go over well. If you want to serve chips and dip, set out a good supply of small paper plates. Your guests will be forced to hover around the bowl of dip if you do not give them small dishes.

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Portable Toilets

Consider renting a portable toilet from a company like AAA Pumping Service if your party will be taking place outside. This will reduce foot traffic into your home, which is especially desirable if your guests are bringing additional people that you might not know. Rent more than one to reduce long lines and to save yourself from cleaning up the mess later.

Serve Coffee

It might seem strange to brew coffee at the end of a late-night party, but it is actually considered proper etiquette to do so. When you serve coffee and gradually dim the lights, your guests will subconsciously realize that it is time to leave. It’s a gracious way to signal that the party is coming to an end.

Use these tips to throw the best party of the holiday season! Program a chill playlist, greet your guests warmly, and enjoy yourself!

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