Easy Ways to Save Money on Children’s Toys

Easy Ways to Save Money on Children's Toys

Raising children can be an expensive process, especially when you have multiple children to attend to. The constant need for new clothes, new toys, education outlays and daily expenses is constantly a concern. So how do we minimize these expenses? You need to focus on each expense individually to incur a cumulative effect. Here's some easy ways to save money on children’s toys

The Toy Exchange

Most of us have friends and family in similar situations, with children of their own and the financial concerns we all share. Swapping toys with family or friends that have children is a great way to save money on buying new toys whilst giving your child something new to play with. Most children don’t care if the toy comes in a wrapper, has been played with before or has a little wear and tear, children just like new things to play with. So save yourself a few bucks and swap toys unwanted toys out for new substitutes, give your child a toy makeover without the added expense.

Garage sales hold gems

Let’s face it, as our children grow older we accumulate a mass of unused toys and equipment. Garage sales are a great place to source new toys and equipment at bargain prices. Make sure you get in early, arrive at the start of the sale and take your little one along to see what they like. Often you will find little treasures for miniscule prices, giving your child a few new toys and saving your back pocket from the heavy price tag.

Hoard the gold

A vast majority of us will have multiple children, usually a few years apart. Hoarding the toys your eldest child no longer plays with is a great way of making sure your younger children have great toys to play with, without breaking the bank. Obviously only hoard the good toys, because if we kept them all we’d need to build an extra room to store them in! Make sure you keep the good toys, the cream of the crop and introduce them to your younger children slowly. This will ensure that they are constantly having something new to play with, and it will save you a few extra pennies.

Buy online

Websites such as eBay provide an excellent medium for accessing up to date toys at bargain basement prices. Often you can get brand new or barely used toys at a fraction of the cost in retail stores. This is primarily due to the low overheads these companies incur, no shop space, less staff and lower running costs transfer to savings at the consumer end. Make sure you use reputable sellers and try and use services such as PayPal to safeguard your purchases. One of the best attributes of buying online is the fact that it is often delivered to your door, saving the need to tackle the shops with your child.

The modern world we live in is an expensive place full of material temptations that can eat away at your cash flow, but if we are careful we can save a few pennies here and there. If you follow these simple tips your child will have plenty of toys to keep them entertained, and your bank balance will be a little healthier.

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