Everyone Loves a Pouf – Especially Me!

I’ll admit that when I like something, I tend to go overboard a bit. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I love poufs. You know, those sometimes slightly squishy pieces of furniture that aren’t quite an ottoman, not really a bean bag, and not exactly a foot stool.

There are poufs for playrooms, poufs for the patio, poufs for pops, pouf for pups, poufs for plopping and poufs propping up. The possibilities are endless.

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Sure, you can use a pouf to prop up your feet, but why not use one as a side table. as an extra seat for the big game, as just as a decorative item or even as a napping spot for your four-legged furry friends.

Poufs are all the rage in home decorating and interior design magazines. I think that’s because there are thousands of styles, fabrics, materials, sizes, shapes and price ranges.Whatever you want, there is a pouf to fit your needs and style.

Pouf Photo

This orange patterned pouf is right next to my home office desk. It is exclusively the domain of Benny. That's why I made sure to buy an indoor/outdoor pouf. It's washable and can be wiped down easily. It is also a little squishier than my other poufs so Benny can sink in for nap and keep me company all throughout my workday.

Pouf Photo

This pouf is in my bedroom. I use it as part of my reading “nook”. I opted for a sturdier structure and chose a round shape to counter the square lines of the chair, night table and bed.

Mina Stuffed Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman
Mina Stuffed Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman

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Even though the pouf is white, I know that I won't have shoes on while lounging with a good book. I also picked a faux leather Moroccan pouf and bought it from a kid's catalog (making it much cheaper).

Pouf Photo

This green pouf was my priciest pouf. It is leather and I wanted to make sure that it would be comfortable and firm as extra seating in my living room. It also doubles as a side table  or I can put a serving tray on it during a party or gathering. Because it gets a lot of use by guests who want to chill and watch TV,  I made sure that it was a color that wouldn't get dirty easily and could be wiped up.

Guest Bedroom Pouf

This square navy pouf is in my extra bed room. I wanted something less firm, light and easy to move. It's there for guests as a side table or an additional seat or to put their feet up.

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