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Summer is the perfect time for a vacation. The warm weather, sunshine and the fact that school is out for a few months makes planning that vacation easy, right? Wrong. Although school may be out for the summer does not mean that children aren't busy with other activities. Some children need to attend summer school, others are involved in little league, 4-H and other summertime activities and teenagers may have summer jobs. All of which makes planning that family vacation difficult if not impossible. The truth is a traditional vacation may simply not work for your family. In some cases, it may be impossible for everyone to be free of commitments for even a few days all at the same time.

If spending time as a family on a summer vacation is important to you then you may simply have to think outside the box and come up with some vacationing ideas that are innovative and can be worked around the busy schedules of your children. Your summer vacation may have to be spent one day a week over several weeks rather than a one or two week vacations that are more traditional. Here are a few ideas that may prove helpful in planning that summer vacation for your family or at least serve as a springboard for ideas of your own.

Local Camping Vacations

If getting away to that mountain retreat or family resort is not an option because of conflicting family schedules then why not create your own local camping resort at a nearby State Park or State Forest campground. Find somewhere close enough so that everyone can get to scheduled events and jobs. Bring along lots of games to play and plan a few family activities. Include everything from badminton to volleyball, card games or even a family sing along. Take full advantage of when everyone is together to do some fun things even if it is late in the evening.

Local Day Trips

You can also plan local day trips for those days when everyone is off together. Make sure to plan for fun activities here are some that would fit easily into a day trip.

•    Mini golf
•    amusement parks
•    local festivals
•    water parks
•    boating trips
•    visiting local museums

Summer Adventures

For a little more exciting type day, plan a few family summer adventures that add a bit of thrill to the time you spend together. Take a hot air balloon ride, Go bungee jumping if your kids are a little older, Snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking or even roller blading. The more adventurous the better.

With a little imagination and innovation and lots of input from family members, it is certainly possible to plan a more personalized vacation for your family. The whole idea of a vacation is being together, relaxing and having fun while strengthening those family bonds. For that you don't need to go far from home or visit exotic places all you need to do is find the right activities that will make spending those days you do have together as fun and as pleasant as possible.

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