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Baton Wayfarer - Floral SKU:FZ0858

If you've been following my eye surgery saga, you'll know I'm still searching/wishing for perfect vision. I currently am able to cope through most of my day with no glasses at all, but I use readers for fine print and need prescription eyeglasses for driving. I've been wearing my glasses with progressive lenses for driving long distances, but the whole bi-focal thing gives me a headache. It may be all psychological, but I've been wanting a new pair of prescription glasses with single vision lenses to see if they work better for driving.

So when GlassesShop.com offered me the chance to review a pair of eyeglasses, I chose the Baton Wayfarer glasses in Floral print (as shown above).

Baton Wayfarer eyeglasses are made of quality acetate material which is more durable than plastic material. With vivid and fresh colors, the frame is a great choice for both prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses in spring and summer. All types of lenses are available.

Kim reviews floral glasses

The glasses frames are actually bigger than I expected, but big frames are in style which I'm happy for because I didn't like the skinny glasses style where the lines of the glasses interfered with my line of vision. I like the look of these frames, but I can't say I like the look of them on me. Luckily, not many people actually see me when I'm driving!

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Disclosure: I received eyeglasses at no charge to facilitate my review.

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