Friday Night Is Movie Night!

Movie Night Image

As if we don’t have enough estrogen in this house already with four girls, the twins are having a slumber party tomorrow night for their birthday! We plan to go out to eat and then to the movies so not to be stuffed up in the house all night. They want to see Big Momma’s House 2 that is to be released tomorrow. Luckily my mom and sister (more estrogen) volunteered to chaperone and help. My poor son may want to leave the house!

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I rarely watch TV anymore, but drug myself away from the computer long enough last night to watch the first Big Momma’s House movie that was replayed on FOX. Figured it would make the second one funnier. I know I was glad I watched “Meet the Parents” right before “Meet the Fockers“, as the humor was intertwined.

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Wish me luck (and patience) with the whiny tweens tomorrow night!

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