Give The Gift Of A Beer Pong Table

There is no doubt that giving a beer pong table as a gift is an amazing idea. It will make your gift become the life of any party. With summer approaching, it is time to consider that on the sunny warm days, a beer pong game can be the joy of your family or friend parties. Beer pong is a popular party drinking game, often played at college parties, but it can also be played at any other type of party among adults. Traditionally, the game of beer pong has been played by countless variations of rules. however, the most popular rules of the game involve throwing ping pong balls into the opposite team’s cups which are partially filled with beer to make them drink. Each time a ball lands in a cup, the team needs to remove a cup from the table. Obviously, the losing team will be the one first to have all their cups removed. Therefore, for the summer to be fully entertained with an exciting game, an 8-foot table is required. If you're looking to buy a beer pong table, shop now and choose a good quality foldable table. That someone special in your life that loves playing beer pong game will love to have a home sanctuary for this game.

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Read below how to wow them with a beer pong table as a gift.

Why is beer pong the best drinking game?

It is no surprise that beer pong game was invented by bored people looking for an exciting way to have fun. The history of beer pong starts with Dartmouth College between the 1950s and 1960s. College parties are one of the cornerstones of the college experience. Beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games, especially among college students. Plastic cups, pong balls, and a quality table can be the start of one of the most fun nights of your life. It can take the party to the next level. We all love playing beer pong not because it is incredibly fun, but it can also create a strong social closeness. You become a member of a team with whom you work hard to win.

What to consider when shopping for a beer pong table?

So, now that you know how much a beer pong game can enlighten your parties and be the reason of good laughter among your friends, you need to know what to consider when choosing a beer pong table.

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The easiest way to spot whether a table is a good quality one or not is the thickness of it. You should avoid buying a beer pong table which has a really teen table top. The ball will not bounce very well and the table will be easy to damage. After all, the beer pong game is just about throwing the ball precisely to get into the cups of your competitors. Therefore, choose a table that has a thick table top to get a consistent bounce of the ball.


When buying a beer pong table as a gift, you may want to know whether the person plans to have the table set up permanently or whether they wish to be able to frequently packing it up and putting it away. If the table will be the main entertainment factor of numerous parties in different places, packing it up easily sounds like it is exactly what you need. It is better to choose a fold-up model with rollers which can be easily handled by one person. Usually, the roller tables have brakes on the wheels which can be applied to fix the beer pong table in a specific place and start your game.  


As summer is approaching, the beer pong table will be a great tool for outdoor parties. However, summer rainstorms may also become an inconvenience if you do not choose a waterproof table. Especially if the person receiving the gift intends to leave the table outside, waterproofness is essential.  A waterproof coating and even some forms of synthetic laminate will be the best choice for protecting the table from the wind and rain.

Reasons a beer pong table will be a great gift

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It is fun

The most obvious reason why a beer pong table will be an excellent gift choice is the fact that it will add some additional fun to the parties or celebrations. In the modern and busy world which we live in, the table will bring your friends or family members together for a fun beer pong game to unplug from all the daily stress. It is a recreational sport which will bring you for an enjoyable competitive experience.

Beer has many health benefits

Although it may not occur to you how beneficial a beer pong game can be, medical specialists suggest that beer has, in fact, many health benefits. It is more nutritious than any other alcoholic drinks and it is rich in vitamin B, iron, calcium, and fiber. Moreover, studies show that it can protect your heart from heart attacks, strokes, or heart diseases. Nevertheless, beer keeps your kidneys healthy and helps prevent kidney stones. Therefore, a beer pong table could also be a gift that promotes good health. However, drinking responsibly should be an essential rule at any party where beer pong game is played.  

How to become a beer pong champion?

Your gift will be the perfect start for all the summer parties that you are going to attend. therefore, you should start training yourself into becoming a better player at the beer pong game. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that you will be part of the winning team:

  • Choose your partner wisely to find your complementary match
  • Understand the best types of shots: the arc, the fastball, and the bounce shot
  • Look at the back of the cup that you are aiming for instead of looking at the group of the cups as a whole
  • Clean your pong balls with water to get rid of the dirt you might have to drink once the ball lands in the cup.

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