Grocery Store Guide: How To Shop Organic Foods Like A Pro

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Grocery store guide: how to shop organic foods like a pro

During the last few decades organic food production has been growing respectively. Because of the way it was produced, non-organic food usually incorporates hormones, antibiotics and pesticides dangerous for your health. Their excessive consuming can result in cancer, neurological problems, fertility problems, allergies, etc. Therefore, more and more people are transitioning to healthy and organic diet because they are well aware of its relevance. However, shopping for organic foods can be tricky and expensive, yet manageable.

Stick to the plan

Many say that shopping groceries starts at home. This implies planning the meals for a week and checking your pantry inventory, so that you can make a shopping list of groceries that are truly necessary. As much hard and pointless it might seem it actually saves time and money. Apart from hopelessly spending time running up and down the supermarket, uncontrolled shopping leads to pantry packed with unnecessary foods that can easily go off before being used. However, if you belong to the people who always forget to bring that little piece of paper with you, don’t use it as an excuse. You can simply write the list down to your smart phone or even download one of the practical apps.

The most important organic groceries  

In order to increase milk productivity of cattle and improve their health, farmers treat the cattle with hormones and antibiotics. According to the study and scientists’ beliefs some of these hormones might be related to the cancer, while the antibiotics might cause bacteria in our bodies to evolve into being resistant to antibiotics. For this reason, the most important groceries that should be bought organic are animal products such as meat (primarily beef) and dairy products. Furthermore, some fruits are sprayed with pesticides heavily. Therefore, you should avoid conventionally produced fruit that is supposed to be eaten unpeeled and whose texture makes them hard to wash properly. Such sorts of fruit are strawberries, apples, cherries, peaches, etc. Because of the possibility to contain high amounts of pesticides, some vegetables like potato, spinach, or celery shouldn’t be consumed unless they are organic.

Save money

Although organic food is usually more expensive, there are ways to reduce the costs. Instead of buying popular branded products, opt for supermarkets’ private line of organic food that is much cheaper due to omission of mediator. Also, follow their websites and social media networks to find out about special deals and gain coupons. Many organic food stores include bulk dispensers and buying cereals, nuts and grains from them can save you a great deal of money. In the end, you can always grow your own organic herbs and small vegetables.

Organic online shops

Owing to websites that operate as online shops, organic groceries can be purchased via Internet, too. They offer a wide range of organic food brands as well as a wide range of organic groceries, from dried fruit to coffee. You can often purchase organic foods on discount, and, most importantly, get everything delivered to your home.

Visit local farmers’ market

In case you want to buy truly organic fruit and vegetables, pay a visit to local farmers’ market. Apart from amusing experience, you can get pretty good deals. As a regular customer you will build friendly relationships with farmers and gain their trust, so they can even give you discounts. The farmers’ markets are best for getting fresh fruits and vegetables. In this way, you know they didn’t travel long way or get sprayed with who knows what in order to preserve their freshness. In case they don’t have organic certification, don’t worry. Getting the produces certified can cost a lot of money. Therefore, not all the farmers seek the certification so that they can stay inexpensive.

Before you start shopping, check your list of necessities to avoid additional expenses, consider all the ways and possibilities for buying organic foods, and turn “tricky and expensive” shopping into easy and enjoyable.

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