The Art of Dropping Hints (for Him) this Christmas

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Ladies, you know it can be hard to get your man on board with getting the gifts you want, especially if your hint-dropping skills leave something to be desired.  Of course, the trick to receiving the gifts you really want (this year and in years to come) is figuring out what strategy will work best with the man in your life.  Some operate well with a light touch while others require something of a firm hand (or an iron grip).  But once you determine the level of transparency that is needed you can pretty much ensure that he gets the hint and shops accordingly.  So here are just a few strategies you might want to try.

  1. Use suggestive language.  It’s hardly a hint if you come right out and say it!  So try using varying levels of suggestive wording rather than playing Captain Obvious.  If you’re out shopping with the man in your life and you see something you want, let him know that you like it.  Hem and haw about buying it yourself.  Tell him that you really want it, but it’s just too expensive.  These types of clues will let him know that you’re really interested in the item and hopefully that will be enough to make him remember when it comes time to select a gift.
  2. Try body language.  If your guy doesn’t do so well with verbal cues, perhaps targeted use of encouraging body language will help to drive the point home.  When you see the gift you want grab his hand and guide him toward it.  Point it out (literally…like with your finger) and get him to touch it.  Squeeze his arm or run your hand down his back when you tell him how much you like the item.  This type of visual and physiological reinforcement will affect him at a subconscious level to emphasize the things you’re saying.
  3. Use a third party.  Okay, so maybe your man is a little obtuse when it comes to taking hints.  But he may do better with advice from friends and family members.  If you know that he’s going to ask your mom, your sister, or your best friend what to get you for Christmas, make sure these pivotal ladies in your life know exactly what you want so that they can give your guy the 4-1-1.  Just remember to act surprised when you open the gift.
  4. Make a list.  If you still like the element of surprise but you don’t necessarily want to give your guy free reign, make a wish list of items that would all be acceptable and let him choose the one he thinks you’ll like best.  This way he can have some input without the fear of missing the mark entirely.
  5. Be bold!  If you’ve found the perfect set of diamond studs or a gorgeous pair of pumps at Nordstrom’s incomparable shoe department, don’t make a secret of it!  Tell your man in no uncertain terms that your preferred items had better be under the tree come Christmas day.  This may seem a bit heavy-handed, but some men simply don’t take hints well.  And most will appreciate the direct approach if it keeps them from buying the wrong item.

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