Guide to Buying a Refrigerator

Guide to Buying a Refrigerator

A few decades ago, buying a new refrigerator was easy. The models did not differ significantly, and you could only choose between a plain white and eggshell color. But today, you can find many different models with amazing features, sleek design and eye-popping colors. If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices at the store, here’s a little guide to buying the best fridge for your needs.

Measure your kitchen

We all dream about having a huge refrigerator with double doors, but not every kitchen can support a box that big. So, make measuring your kitchen the first step in your search for a new fridge. Assess the amount of space the fridge doors will require when opened and measure the depth of your counters. There are models that might go well with your counters perfectly and make your kitchen look clean and smooth, but they may not offer enough space for food. Also, when taking measures, remember that refrigerators need to have a few inches of free space from all sides for air circulation, so add that to your calculations as well.

Consider your budget

If money’s not a problem for you, then you’re in luck, but most of us need to pay attention to the price tag. Keep in mind that classic models with the freezer above and fridge below are usually the cheapest option. Also, even though they might seem attractive, try to skip built-in water dispensers and ice makers. They only increase the price of your unit, and usually end up being unused. However, if you have some extra money to splurge, there are smart fridge models with internet connectivity, seltzer water maker and many different gadgets. Additionally, the color and finish of your fridge can also affect the price, so take that into consideration.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

You also have to think about your cooking and eating habits. If you’re a foodie with a refined palate who loves to have fresh ingredients at hand, than you might want to invest in a model that has sectional climate controls and temperature-adjustable drawers. However, if you can’t be bothered to cook every day and prefer microwavable dishes, you can consider getting a fridge with different defrosting features. Additionally, if you’re a wine lover, look for a model with fast-cooling compartments that will chill your wine in less than 10 minutes.

Think about your family members

If you have young kids, disabled family members or elderly persons living with you, you might want to opt for a side-by-side unit. This way you can arrange foods on lower shelves for easy access. Additionally, if you or your loved ones have a habit of eating out of the refrigerator, side-by-side doors will let less cold air out, thus saving energy and keeping your food fresh during long browsing sessions.

Make it match your kitchen

Most refrigerators are usually sold in white, gray and stainless-steel color, and they go well with any kitchen. However, if you seek sophistication and class, you can also opt for a high-quality Maytag ice black unit that will be an amazing focal point in your kitchen. There are also fridges in more unusual colors like red, peach, or avocado green, but they typically come in retro styles of the 50s and 60s. So, if you have a quirky vintage kitchen you might want to check them out.

Easy cleaning refrigerator

The last thing you should consider is the refrigerator cleaning. Stainless steel might look elegant, but it gets smudged quickly. However, models with faux-stainless finish are much more resistant to fingerprints. Additionally, glass shelves will be more convenient when things spill than wire shelving.

Now that you know the main points you should concentrate on when buying a new fridge, you’ll certainly make the right choice for your kitchen, your family and your needs.

Guide To Buying A New Fridge

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